Sisters With Albinism Work As Models After Stunning Family With Their Birth

People are becoming more aware of the beauty of our racial and genetic variety thanks to the story of two young models from Kazakhstan. Kamila Kalaganova is 4 years old, whilst Asel is 16 years old. They stand out since the sisters are both albinos.

Although initially nothing was known about their health in their own nation, their appearance is now praised everywhere.

There are three Kalaganova siblings: Asel, the eldest, Kamila, and Aldiyar, who is eight years old. Asel is the firstborn. Although Asel and Kamila have similar looks, Asel's sibling has a very distinct appearance. This is due to the fact that the Kalaganova sisters are both albinos, meaning they lacked color from birth.

According to the girl's parents, Asel's birth shocked both the family's medical staff and them. Before finding Asel was an albino, the physicians thought she was inheriting her father's Russian DNA. The parents discovered that albinos actually have a long history dating back to their ancestors after conducting considerable study into their family history and lineage. Before having her own children who exhibited these genes, the mother had been carrying these genes without being aware of it. When the family understood it was a condition rather than an illness, they were relieved.

Social media has been used by the girls to showcase their attractiveness to the world. Asel has more than 64,000 followers on Instagram, which has a large user base. The sisters are models that show the world that there is beauty in diversity as well as being well-liked online.

"Everyone was startled and astonished at first. I had no idea how to live or what to do for myself "The daughters' mother, Aiman Sarkitova, stated. Asel's parents, 38-year-old Aiman Sarkitova and Lldar, had dark complexion and hair, in contrast to Asel's exceptionally light skin and blonde hair at birth.

The youngsters naturally gazed at her at first, which made it challenging, Aiman Sarkitova told The Daily Mail. Her mother said, "Albinos do not differ much from other children, except than their hair, eyelashes, eyes, and skin color.

According to Asel, "People are startled that we are albino."

Asel was initially assigned to a school for the disabled before being transferred to a school for kids without disabilities. She afterwards continued on to study at a modeling school.

It might be challenging to be different, especially when you're a kid. Due to their pale skin, both girls follow a different schedule than children who are not albinos. The Daily Mail writes that the girls must be careful to avoid direct sunlight.

"I certainly apply sunscreen, put on garments to protect my skin, wear headgear, or use an umbrella if I go outside in the afternoon," Asel added. She did, however, add that for her, midnight is a better time of day. It's much simpler for me in the evening when there is virtually no daylight, she remarked.

The sisters' parents know their daughters are special, and they used to restrict what the girls could do because of that. However, she now permits Asel to behave normally.

She remarked, "Now that she feels better, we don't put any restrictions on her." Asel's Instagram account, where she updates about job, family, and her life as a young girl, allows followers and admirers of the unusual sisters to follow along with their life experience.
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