'We need to hurry!' Georgia high school football players rescue trapped woman from car crash

High school football players and pals from Georgia are being hailed as heroes after intervening to save a woman from a possibly deadly vehicle accident.

A 50-year-old woman was pulled from her automobile after it was struck outside their high school in Rome, a community approximately 70 miles northwest of Atlanta, by teammates Messiah Daniels, Tyson Brown, Antwion Carey, Alto Moore, and Cesar Parker.

According to Rome Police Department Assistant Chief Debbie Burnett, the Friday collision and rescue featured a tiny silver car that veered and struck a white SUV in an attempt to avoid hitting another car being driven by a youngster.

The group of youngsters, who range in age from 14 to 17, first saw the accident on Friday as they were walking to school.

Luis Goya, a math teacher at the high school, told USA TODAY that just before 8 a.m., while he was watching children enter the building, he heard a tremendous explosion. He spotted the collision as he hurried to a nearby junction and dialed 911.

Smoke could be seen rising from the hood. Goya reported that there was liquids on the ground. "We need to go quickly," I said to the dispatcher."

While driving four of the boys to school, Treyvon claimed to USA TODAY that he saw the collision.

I could see it there in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and got out of the car, calling out, "Hey look, let's go rescue her." 16, stated Treyvon on Monday. "The woman was pleading for assistance while bending over into the passenger seat. She was screaming and had blood on her face.

He said that Alto and Tyson immediately raced to the passenger door and attempted to unlock it.

The car was burning, its fluids were dripping, and Treyvon could see it was ready to catch fire if the cops hadn't arrived immediately, which they did.

The lads rushed to the driver's side door when they were unable to open the door.

To get the door open so the lady could be liberated, they physically started prying it open with their power, Goya recounted.

In a group interview with USA TODAY on Monday, the lads said that they were able to open the door after approximately 30 seconds of straining and pushing.

At last, Alto and Antwion managed to extract the woman and lead her to the grass.

Cesar said that he and Treyvon "missed the premises" while looking after the SUV's occupant.

According to authorities, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of her scratches and bruises.

Police claimed the at-fault motorist, who was not physically engaged in the collision, was a 16-year-old kid; they did not disclose any other injuries.

"We appreciate you, young guys, for setting good examples in our community." Following the collision, Rome police posted on Facebook.

By Monday, hundreds of people from the town and elsewhere had commented on the post, admiring their bravery.

Tyson said that he has in the past thought about joining the fire department after graduation.

Even though I'm not great with blood, Tyson described himself as helpful.

On Monday, he added, that career option was still on the table.
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