Grandma, 56, Reveals She’s Pregnant With Her Own Son’s Child

Grandma Nancy Hauck will welcome her own grandchild at the age of 56. She offered to act as a surrogate and deliver her 32-year-old son Jeff and his wife Cambria's fifth child. The couple, who are already parents to 3-year-old twins Vera and Ayva as well as brothers Diseal and Luka who are 11 months old, battled infertility for years before becoming pregnant.

Cambria's hysterectomy following the delivery of her twins [shown] left the couple with very few alternatives, despite their desire to have a fifth child.

Nancy [seen in the photo below] intervened at that point. "They've struggled with infertility for a long time, but they had seven embryos to test with IVF and decided they wanted to utilize them all," she said. Cambria was unable to carry her own children any longer. A few months later, I simply got the need to volunteer to do it.

Since the grandmother's last pregnancy 26 years ago,

I hadn't even informed my husband at that moment, but he was incredibly supportive, she said. "I told my kid, and he teared up and was startled." Due to Nancy's advanced age, no one in the family had imagined it would be feasible, but to their amazement, the doctors indicated she was healthy and the surrogacy could proceed.

Notably, Nancy has a prior track record of five trouble-free, healthy births.

"Carrying my son was pretty similar to this pregnancy, except I felt a little more queasy. The graduate mother stated of her fertility test, "I feel extremely powerful carrying my son's daughter: "The doctor indicated I might be able to a carrier and asked if I wanted to come in for an assessment to check if I was viable."

I was surprised that that would be a possibility, but I was still ready to act in my son's best interests.

According to DailyMail, the evaluation revealed that Nancy was a suitable candidate for the job, but they probably needed to move swiftly before she entered menopause. She began her hormone therapy in January 2022, injecting herself once a day for a period of twelve weeks with the assistance of her 59-year-old ophthalmologist husband Jason.

A month later, the fertilized fetus was subsequently implanted in her uterus.

Since I hadn't given birth to a child in 26 years, Nancy added, "It was a little frightening. Prior to the blood test, I had a feeling that it had been successful. I then conducted a test, and the results were positive. When we discovered I was definitely pregnant, they were ecstatic. All of this required a significant leap of faith. It's an amazing and kind thing to do. This, in my opinion, is a really uncommon thing to accomplish.

Cambria has been accompanying Nancy to all of her appointments. The news that the family will be welcoming a child in May 2022 had thrilled them.

"Nancy doing this for us is very admirable. She is making enormous sacrifices for our family and us, and we are really appreciative. Seeing Nancy carry our little baby daughter has been so magical and lovely. She has been nothing less than extraordinary and brimming with elegance and light. They say that pregnancy has a glow, but Cambria's mother-in-law, Nancy, "is a full-on lighthouse," she added.

The computer scientist Jeff, one of Nancy's children, added: "I felt fortunate to have such a selfless and caring mom [who was] prepared to make that type of sacrifice for my family. I was moved that she would even volunteer, even though I knew how difficult the process can be after undergoing infertility treatments for more than four years and questioned that she could carry a baby for us.

He stated that during this ordeal, his mother's kindness, love, strength, attitude, knowledge, and determination had left him in wonder.

I cherish each of my children and take my position and obligation as their father very seriously. Being a father has always been my ambition. The greatest gift and blessing I could receive is the chance to parent another adorable baby daughter. There is no way to make up for something like that, so all I can do is attempt to emulate my parents' example by showing my own family and other people the same kind of love and dedication they have shown to me.

On November 5, the grandmother in the photo with her husband Jason will give birth, and she says: "It's the most lovely thing."
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