Horse Sees His Best Friend After 4-Long Years, Loses Control & Goes Mad With Joy

According to ilovemydogsomuch, horses Arthur, William, and Harry were the best friends when they were young.

Sue Blagburn, a resident of the UK, was extremely proud of these racehorses and cherished them dearly. But hard difficulties forced her to make the terrible choice to sell off Arthur.

Sue, though, as well as William and Harry, mourned him dearly. Sue put in a lot of effort for nearly five years before she could afford to repurchase Arthur, the beloved horse she had nurtured from a foal.

Sue was unsure about Arthur's reaction to his former playmates when he returned to his boyhood home. The three of them were so young at the time, after all, that it was possible they would have forgotten one another.

However, in this clip, Sue's worries vanish the instant Harry recognizes Arthur. William quickly joins the duo as they sprint in the direction of one another. The group embraces and rolls together in joy, appearing to pick up just where they left off.

Sue was in wonder as much as us when she saw her babies dancing and laughing. Their lovely reunion serves as living proof that true friendship endures forever!

To see the horses' most heartwarming reunion, click the video below!
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