Legoland pays tribute to the Queen by flying the flags at half-mast on its Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle models

Legoland Windsor paid homage to the Queen by lowering the flags to half-staff and putting floral tributes to its exhibits of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Smaller touches were also added, including a note marking the British monarch's passing on the Buckingham Palace gates.

Following the announcement of Her Majesty's passing at age 96, the theme park was closed for a day, although it has since reopened.

The Queen also resided at Windsor, which is where the park is located. The locals became used to seeing her at the Great Park there over the years.

The presentation at the theme park in Windsor featured little elements like a notification marking the longest-reigning British monarch's death on the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Aamina Zafar-Tariq, a mother and TikTok user, commented: "I'm getting a little choked up watching Legoland's homage to our late Queen Elizabeth II.

With a carpet of flowers, a notification of her passing on the royal gates, and flags flying at half-staff above Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, everything was complete.

On TikTok, her video of the miniatures has received more than 185,000 views.

Flags are at half-mast and thousands of mourners have placed flowers and memorials to Her Majesty, who was revered by her people, at the real-life equivalents of the Castle and Palace.

To protect them, several memorials have been relocated to Green Park, where daily rows of flowers are growing.

Amazing displays of civic pride can be seen at the park by Buckingham Palace, where endless lines of flowers, tributes, cuddly toys, candles, and cards cover the grass and walkways. Royal Park staff can be seen walking to and from their trucks to continue placing bouquets, adding to the incredible scenes of community spirit.

People who visited Green Park to take in the ambience and pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II have now started assisting the gardeners by removing the plastic wrap from bouquets of flowers, making the task of composting them much simpler.

The late monarch's coffin is being transported by road today, the second formal day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, traveling 175 miles in a six-hour hearse to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. Her daughter Anne, Princess Royal, is with her.

The new King waved to onlookers as he was taken into Buckingham Palace early this afternoon, and those in Green Park paying respects may have had a sight of him as well.

Due to the great number of flowers being set for the Queen after her passing, members of the public assist in organizing and preparing flowers for display in Green Park.

Thousands of well-wishers met a weeping King Charles III as he arrived at Buckingham Palace this afternoon where he will meet with Patricia Scotland, general secretary of the Commonwealth, as his mother, the Queen, begins her six-hour trip from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

As the king was taken past the Palace gates by a convoy of four automobiles and four police motorcycles, cheering crowds lined The Mall, including kids perched on their parents' shoulders.

The public has been flocking to the royal palace to give their best wishes since since her doctor's health worries were made public on September 8; the crowds have only increased since the Queen's passing was announced at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday.

In the days following Her Majesty's demise, tens of thousands of bouquets have been left for her, with several witnesses being moved to tears by what they saw.

In order to create room for the people to continue getting as near as they can to the King's new residence while the country comes to grips with the Queen's passing at age 96, palace gardeners have started taking bouquets of flowers from the gates and relocating them to Green Park.

Due to the massive number of flowers being put for the Queen after her passing, members of the public have been spotted helping arrange and prepare flowers for display in Green Park.

This weekend, a lot of young families visited Buckingham Palace as parents used the occasion to introduce their kids to such an important historical event.
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