Meghan Markle Shares Sweet Words About Her Relationship With The Late Queen Elizabeth II

Even though the real anniversary was back on February 6, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II marked the beginning of her 70-year reign in the first week of June 2022. The Platinum Jubilee was celebrated during a four-day bank holiday, and the public was invited to take part in a number of celebration activities.

The Platinum Jubilee was the first in history because the queen had the longest reign of any monarch in the nation. She was the first British queen to rule for seven decades, making this a historic achievement not only for her but for the entire globe. She is already the second-longest-serving queen in history and has made history. After she surpassed two kings in 2022, Johann II of Liechtenstein and Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, she is only surpassed by one other monarch, Louis XIV of France. Nothing appeared to be getting in the way of her doing all of her royal duties during her reign, regardless of the challenges that were thrown her way.

Queen Elizabeth II overcame numerous challenges over her 70-year reign, which regrettably came to an end on September 8, 2022, when she passed away. Following a prior announcement from Buckingham Palace that she was receiving medical care, she passed away while visiting her residence in Balmoral. The royal family as a whole is inconsolable by their enormous loss, with news of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hurrying to the queen's side.

Meghan and the queen had a special and charming bond when they first met in 2017. The queen had the opportunity to meet Archie and Lillibet of Meghan and Harry at her Jubilee before she passed away in September. Previously, Meghan said that she delighted in the queen's presence.

According to TIME, Harry left his bride, Meghan Markle, by alone in London and took a flight to Scotland to be with his grandmother. He travelled with his uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, according to PEOPLE.

According to TIME, Harry and Meghan were already in the UK for a journey around Europe where they would be visiting charity activities "dear to their hearts." The fact that it took place at the same time as the queen's condition was getting worse was unexpected. The late queen, who was being cared after at Balmoral Castle, reportedly had health difficulties that kept everyone on high alert. According to PEOPLE, a statement had been made public earlier in the day. The statement read: "Following additional assessment this morning, The Queen's physicians are worried about Her Majesty's health and have advised she stay under medical monitoring. The Queen is still at ease in Balmoral. Tragically, on September 8, 2022, the queen passed dead later in the day.

Even though Meghan only had a brief relationship with the queen, she revealed that they were very close. The queen has always been good to me, the woman said in a 2021 interview with Oprah. I've enjoyed having her around. "She's always been nice, accepting, and inviting," she continued. Meghan admitted that she was anxious before meeting the queen, but after spending time with her, their bond deepened. We really participated in one of our earliest cooperative activities. I boarded the train after she invited me to go with her, said Meghan.

The queen, according to Meghan, made her think of her own grandmother on multiple occasions. "And because it was freezing, mom said, "Meghan, come on," and she put the blanket over my knees as well. She has a blanket that rests across her knees for warmth. And it reminded me of my grandma, who has always been kind, friendly, and welcome," she told Oprah.

When they attended the queen's Jubilee in June 2022, Harry and Meghan had the opportunity to interact with her in person. Even their daughter Lillibet got to see the queen for the first time. Harry and Meghan had a fantastic time meeting the queen again, a royal insider told Us Weekly during their visit. One of the biggest moments of their year thus far was that. According to the insider, the queen felt her great-grandchildren were just adorable. According to the insider, "She thinks they're cute and gave Lili and Archie gifts."

The queen approved of the royal couple's lifestyle notwithstanding their decision to discontinue their status as full-time royal members. In a statement she issued in 2021, she revealed, "Today, my family had extremely helpful conversations regarding the future of my grandson and his family." "Harry and Meghan's wish to start a fresh life as a young family has my family and I's full support. We accept and understand their desire to live a more independent life as a family while still being a valued member of my family, even if we would have preferred that they continue to work full-time as Members of the Royal Family.
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