Baby Elephant Throws Cutest Temper Tantrum Ever Caught on Camera

If you've ever had kids, you know there's one thing they all excel at: having temper tantrums.

A youngster is likely to shout, wail, and throw themselves all over the floor when they don't get their way.

As it turns out, temper tantrums may occur in other species as well, despite the fact that we all know they are an inevitable part of raising human children.

She acts immediately and takes control of the circumstance, as mothers are accustomed to doing.

The infant displays a variety of behaviors to convey its annoyance, including rocking, ear flapping, and even toppling over.

All the grownups in the herd going by completely overlook the small boy.

Antonio da Cruz, who saw the entire event, said, "We waited, but after a few minutes of roadside grazing, the ladies and other elephants withdrew into the roadside jungle.

This tiny kid was adamant on remaining where he was, standing in the center of the road.

"After flailing his legs, head, and tail a few times, the boy turned to face his mother, who immediately called him out by ducking further into the bush. He sprang up in a flash, glared at us, and then ran after her.
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