Bride Spent $290 & 200 Hours Knitting Her Own Wedding Gown To Defend Her Craft

Knitting may be a laborious activity. Most of the time, it also demands talents, unless, of course, it's just for fun. But to claim that knitting is simple is disrespectful to those who take it seriously. And one woman advanced the craft of knitting by creating a unique item for one of the most significant occasions in her life.

Helsinki-based Veronika Lindberg is a content producer that specializes in knitting. Additionally, she has expanded her fan base; as of this writing, her YouTube account Kutovakika has 244,000 subscribers.

Through a narrative that appeared on Insider, Lindberg described her life's journey, including how and when she learned to knit. She apparently began knitting when she was five years old and has continued doing so for the most of her life.

She stated, "When I was five years old, my grandma taught me how to knit, and ever since then, it has been one of my major interests in life.

She now has the opportunity to share special moments about her passion for knitting on her blog, where she also teaches knitting.

"I opened a YouTube channel in 2018 and have lately been offering beginner-level knitting instructions there," she said. "In 2017, I began an Instagram account to share photographs of my knitting. A year later, I debuted it.

She and her partner made the decision to wed in June 2022. Additionally, she considered designing her own clothing because she enjoys knitting. Then all, what better way to achieve it than to knit with the same yarns she normally uses?

"My partner and I decided to get married in late June, and right away I thought it would be so cool to knit my own wedding dress and document the experience for a YouTube video, even though I only had about six weeks until our wedding date in September so I could tell it was going to be a stressful ordeal," the woman explained.

She created and crocheted her own wedding dress in just six weeks, and she documented the process in a video. Depending on the size or duration of the production, it may take some people days, weeks, or even months to complete a piece.

Despite being a skilled knitter, Lindberg acknowledged that there were many difficulties she had to overcome. She thus made sure to give the knitting her whole attention for the following 45 days.

"I essentially did nothing but knit for the following 45 days. I worked on the design for over 200 hours, putting all other video ideas on wait while I focused on this one task "She spoke.

She couldn't have been happier with the finished product, which only cost her $290 to produce, when she put the dress on for the first time.

"I had only four days to relax before the wedding, and by the time I finished the dress, I was exhausted and irritated. However, I felt such relief when I put it on for the ceremony, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome "She commented.

The greatest thing, though? Her spouse was delighted!

My boyfriend, who at first had some doubts about my ability to complete a dress in such a short amount of time, agreed that it looked fantastic.

Lindberg didn't anticipate a great response when she published her video blog detailing the dress-making process, but it ended up becoming one of her most popular videos and garnering more than 3 million views on YouTube.

"I was thrilled to see how positively people responded to it, and that it's inspired some commenters to make their own wedding dresses one day (which, for people with less knitting experience, I definitely think is possible; I would just recommend that they give themselves closer to six months than six weeks! )," she said.

She was therefore motivated to set out on a quest to disprove the myth that knitting is solely done by senior citizens.

The popularity of the film, she claimed, "has really driven my own personal crusade to dispel the misconception that knitting is something only grandmothers in rocking rockers do."

Lindberg also emphasized the fact that in recent years, a number of businesses have begun producing knitted clothing with updated patterns. Her design contributes to the increasing collection of stylish knitted gowns and is suitable for a lady to wear on one of the most significant events in her life.

She continued by describing how knitting offers people the ability to create anything they want based on their interests.

Being able to select your own materials and create something that is unique to your tastes and vision is great, she added.

Although others would disagree, Lindberg asserted that she was pleased that interest in slow fashion had grown. She concludes by saying that knitwear "may genuinely be stylish."

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