Dad defends pit bulls after being criticized for letting them cuddle with his children

No breed suffers more unjust stereotypes than the pit bull when it comes to canines. The general populace has always disliked pit bulls and considered them to be inherently aggressive and deadly creatures.

It basically relies on the environment and upbringing of the dog, like with any breed. Many pit bulls kept as pets are highly affectionate and sociable, both with people and other animals.

However, the breed has suffered greatly as a result of its nasty reputation; it is now impossible to adopt them and they are frequently utilized in shady dog fighting rings. In shelters, they are the most prevalent breed.

Many pit bull supporters make a lot of effort to refute falsehoods and restore their reputation. like one father who defended the dogs after receiving flak for allowing them to be around his infant.

Owner of MVP Kennels and breeder of American Bully dogs is Jarad Derochey. Despite their negative image, he is a fervent believer that these dogs make wonderful companions; his Instagram account demonstrates this.

He has such a high level of confidence in his dogs that he feels at ease allowing them to interact with his young children.

Jarad demonstrated that pit bulls can happily snuggle with children, despite the fact that many pit bull doubters are particularly concerned about how they would behave with newborns.

While many people thought these photographs were lovely, some did not: Jarad reportedly faced criticism from individuals worried he was endangering his son's life by allowing him to spend the night with a pit bull.

But he stood up for both the dogs and himself. According to Inside Edition, he stepped out and expressed his hope that the priceless images and videos will change people's perceptions of the breed, noting that his pit bulls were so kind and gentle that they would never hurt his children.

According to Jarad, who spoke to LittleThings, "An authority on temperament testing in dogs revealed that pit bulls were scored at 86 percent of passing temperament, whereas the typical dog scores 77 percent." Pit bulls are therefore the breed with the second-highest temperament overall.

Since then, Jarad has kept sharing images and videos that demonstrate the dogs' friendliness, including more of them engaging closely with kids.

The opinions appear lot more favorable now, and everyone agrees that it has less to do with the breed and more to do with how the animals are raised.

Just like every other dog, pit bulls should be loved and not subject to unjustified prejudices. These images and videos provide as more proof of their capacity for love.
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