The Mother Goose Looks After And Ptoects 47 Goslings

47 goslings are raised by a mother goose.

Mike had never paid much attention to geese in the past, but one day everything changed.

He always has his camera with him. And it was by chance that he first came across the geese.

Every evening, he went for a stroll down the river, where he noticed a large number of geese because they had come in from the south in search of a place to nest.

He saw the initial litter of pups in the spring. So, as he waited, he began shooting geese.

One evening, he was relaxing in some reeds by the river when he noticed a mother goose with an abnormally large number of chicks. Until she noticed 16 gentle forms curled beneath their mother's feathers at dusk, the children had been sleeping under her wings.

He counted 25 fledglings one day and 30 the next until he found a mother goose and her spouse with 47 chicks. He learned that this wonderful mother takes care of young people from various homes.

Brigades form whenever incredibly patient parents care for other people's children so that their friends may have a few evenings off.

She was clearly meant for this job, as was evident.

Since then, three enormous families have expanded, but this wonderful mother and her hubby are still in charge of the children. They will take care of them until it is time to return to the south.
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