Adorable Photos Of Happy Seal Pup Waving To The Camera While Sunbathing On Beach

The internet is being taken over by animals, who occasionally steal the show. The internet and social media are typically dominated by cats and dogs, but this time, a cute seal pup attracted everyone's attention.

Johan Siggesson, a photographer from Zurrieq in Malta, captured some beautiful images of the content seal waving to a camera while sunbathing on the Horsey beach in Norfolk. 

"Spending time with these seals was an incredible experience. The photographer described his first few days of weather, which included wind, hail, and rain.

The greatest seal colony in England is found at Blakeney Point, where more than 3,000 pups are produced each year. Because of this, it is common to observe seals basking in the sun along the UK's east coast throughout the winter. But this small seal is a unique one. 

The lovely pictures show a seal pup with a bewildered face laying on the sand. After that, it extends its flipper in a greeting wave. The little seal started waving for the camera since he was enjoying being photographed so much.

On Facebook, Mr. Siggeson posted: "Back to the infants again then... When working on the beach here in the UK, it's simple to become lured to these adorable creatures. There are always lovely puppies nearby if you need some inspiration.

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