Dad and twin sons cut 80 trucks worth of firewood, only to give it away to needy families – thank you for caring

You occasionally come across a deed or act that makes your heart melt.

You are aware of the kind of stuff I'm referring to. It could include someone going above and above to make a significant charitable deed possible, or it might just involve someone being kind without expecting anything in return.

Such deeds frequently result in a blissful sense being bestowed upon one's soul as payment for the deed. Having said that, it's always wonderful to acknowledge those who are genuinely trying to improve the world.

The do-gooder group includes Shane McDaniel and his twin sons Henry and Harrison. Shane was keen for his 21-year-old sons to assist him carry on the family history of gathering firewood because he had previously done it with his father when he was younger.

After a severe storm, the family from Lake Stevens, Washington, had their job cut out for them.

Because of storm damage and fallen trees, as Shane remarked: "I had a lot of timber I had to chop. It only continued to accumulate. Once there was so much wood, we figured we could use it for something better.

Together, they came up with a plan that would not only remove the wood, but also benefit a great number of other people.

"The Pacific Northwest is a really harsh location, it's chilly and wet," McDaniel stated in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine. As soon as I got going, I realized the necessity and my eyes were awakened. We just started giving it out since so many people were stopping and begging to buy it.

Over the course of the endeavor, which lasted from March to October 2018, Shane, Henry, and Harrison cut enough firewood to fill an incredible 80 trucks.

Shane made a request for payment on Facebook. Yes, they had more firewood than they could possibly need.

Naturally, Shane's article attracted a lot of interest. The generosity of the family surprised most people, and several even offered to assist distribute the firewood to those who couldn't get to it themselves.

Feeling good

"It's a fairly amazing sight to witness. I don't believe they have had this feeling of sharing and pride before, but you can just see it," Shane added.

"People don't forget when you perform good deeds for them. I adore assisting others.
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