Liam Neeson Became A Devoted Single Dad To 2 Sons After His Wife’s Tragic Unexpected Passing

Liam Neeson, an Irish actor, has established a strong reputation in Hollywood. The actor is one of the biggest stars in the cinema business because to his leading parts in films like "Schindler's List" and the action series "Taken." He has received several nominations throughout the years, including three Golden Globe Awards, two Tony Awards, a British Academy Film Award, and an Academy Award. He was even ranked seventh on The Irish Times' list of the country's 50 finest cinema performers in 2020.

Despite having a fruitful career, Neeson has also had his fair share of adversity. The loss of his wife, Natasha Richardson, has been the element of Neeson's life that has been the toughest for him to overcome.

They met in 1993 when they were both cast in a Broadway production of the play "Anna Christie." They are a glam acting pair. Robert Fox, a producer, and Natasha were married at the time, albeit they were divorcing.

Later that year, they started dating, and they got hitched in 1994. They welcomed their two boys, Michael and Daniel, together. After spending 16 beautiful years together as a loving family, tragedy struck in 2009. Natasha struck her head after falling while skiing with one of her boys, sustaining a brain damage that ultimately resulted in her death.

While he needed some time to process his loss alone, Neeson subsequently spoke candidly about it to journalist Anderson Cooper. He also discussed how, in the wake of his two teenage kids' mother's passing, he had maintained his strength for them.

Richardson had a brain injury in March 2009 while skiing in Quebec, Canada, with her eldest son. She didn't wear a helmet during the fall, so she declined medical assistance and carried on with her day.

Natasha was nonetheless taken to the hospital right away, three hours later. Neeson, who was at the time in Toronto, quickly took a flight to go visit her. He discovered that his wife was receiving life support when he got there. He said that he informed his wife that he loved her even though he wasn't sure whether she could hear him. He also disclosed a deal he and his wife had formed, according to which they would "pull the plug" if one of them fell unconscious. He said to CBS:

"So that's what I first thought when I saw her and all these tubes and whatnot. "OK, these tubes must go," he said. She's left.

Neeson has been outspoken about how much he misses his wife ever since her passing. He said that, on occasion, he still anticipates seeing her enter their house normally.

"It never was real. It's still not really," he continued.

Even after more than ten years, Neeson's affection for his late wife hasn't diminished. He claimed to pay daily visits to her tomb in a 2020 interview with The Inquirer.

At her burial, which is roughly a mile and a half away, Neeson stated, "I speak to her every day." I do talk to her as if she is here since I travel down there frequently.

Neeson had to deal with his personal sadness in addition to needing to become strong for his two boys, who were just 12 and 13 at the time of their mother's passing. Neeson had mentioned Natasha's compassion to Cooper during his CBS interview. He stated:

She has concern for everyone. She possesses a maternal instinct. Additionally, Mom would prepare meals for everyone and simply take care of us all.

The entire family had to deal with the loss when that person was gone from their lives. The couple's eldest son, Micheál Richardson, spoke of going through a "dark" phase where he turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with his mother's passing in an interview with the Sunday Times Style in 2015. The Belfast Telegraph quoted him as saying to the paper:

"Of course, it was horrible when it occurred. However, I either unconsciously blocked it out or buried it deep inside my head.

He went to "wilderness treatment" after reaching "rock bottom," when he was unable to leave the house or get out of bed, and was able to turn his life around. He outlined why it was crucial to lose the family's matriarch:

"The family's equilibrium was significantly upset by not having a mother figure."

But Micheál acknowledged that his father was an inspiration as well. Neeson spoke candidly to GQ about supporting his two boys when Natasha passed away, but he didn't downplay the challenges of being a single parent. He stated:

My boys are young adults. They're testing things out. They're showing off their strength and occasionally taking risks, and you think, "F***." If Tasha were present, someone could tell her about this.

Throughout the tremendously trying period the family went through after Natasha's passing, Neeson proved to be a rock and an inspiration for his boys.

While this was going on, Michael improved his situation and even decided to follow in the shoes of his well-known parents by becoming an actor. He is also a really attractive dude. In the 2013 film "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," Micheál made his acting debut. He obviously enjoys a variety of arts and cultures since, according to The Belfast Telegraph, he also ran a fashion exhibition in London in 2015.

Neeson and Micheál, who co-starred in the film "Made in Italy," have both utilized their job to help them deal with their personal emotions. The widower and his son, who are estranged, reconcile at a villa in Tuscany that was left by the woman who was Neeson's wife and Micheál's mother. This is the plot of the movie. Filming the movie, according to Neeson, was "cathartic in a manner, the way art can be sometimes." In an interview with the Observer, Micheál said, "I went into (the movie) truly wanting to experience something and having those sensations come up. And much to my surprise, there wasn't the climactic emotional explosion. I genuinely felt (Richardson's) affection for the team, the plot, and the experience as a whole. I detected her there.

2019's "Cold Pursuit" featured Micheál in a supporting role as Liam Neeson's son. Alongside Natalie Portman, he also starred in the 2018 movie "Vox Lux" and the 2021 movie "On Our Way."
While it is obvious that Neeson and his family have experienced a great deal of hardship together, they have also been able to create some incredible works in the entertainment sector. Above all, Neeson and his son Michael have demonstrated that nothing is impossible when loved ones are there.
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