Loving Son Grows Out His Hair To Make Wig For Mom Fighting Brain Tumor

In order to make a wig for his mother who lost her hair following a lengthy struggle with a benign brain tumor, an Arizona man let his hair grow out.

The son's sympathy for his mother, which is unusual these days, touches us now.

Melanie Shaha had grueling radiation therapy for a benign brain tumor four years ago, and as a result, she lost all of her hair permanently.

Her child, who has naturally strawberry blonde hair, has let it to grow out for the past two years. Beginning in 2020, Shaha, then 27, set out to achieve his objective. He waited until it had grown to a length of 12 inches before chopping it, and then had a wig manufactured for his mother.

The present she could never have dreamed in her wildest fantasies left the mother of six speechless. You stick out like a sore thumb if you always wear a hat. I don't mind being ill, but I don't like the way I appear.

Since 2003, Melanie has had a benign pituitary tumor. She countered, though, that "you can't leave it" since "it was in the incorrect location and ruins crucial things."

She had neurosurgery after being initially diagnosed, but three years later it came back, requiring a second procedure. She had to have radiation in 2017 to stop it from growing, and in the end, it contracted.

She thus suffered a permanent loss of all of her hair. I didn't realize that would happen, she said, but approximately three months after radiotherapy, my hair started to come out. "And the physician said it won't return."

Matt was always worried about his mother, who had to cover her bald head by donning a hat. During one of his breaks from school, he offered the thought, "Maybe I'll grow it for you." "Then it just kind of clicked: Well, why don't I," he added.

He was unable to let his hair grow long as a student at Brigham Young University due to a rule against it. He was permitted to grow his hair until March 2020, when the epidemic struck and most schools were operating online. He was a senior in college at home at the time as well.

I understood that was a lot to ask, and there could come a day when it's not practical for his job, his activities, or his relationships, Melanie said. In March 2022, Melanie sobbed as he chopped his hair. She praised Matt's "amazing generosity, compassion, and sacrifice." He has shown me a lot of love and concern.

The hair was sent to Compassionate Creations, a business in Newport Beach, California that makes unique wigs for those who are experiencing hair loss. There are several locations where you may donate your hair, but only a small number of companies will utilize the hair to create a wig for you, according to Melanie.

When the strawberry blonde wig was finished, Melanie put it on and said she felt like herself again. The wig finally came in mid-June. It meant the world to Matt to see the project "just kind of come to completion and how brilliantly it played out."

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