Gary Sinise to build custom smart home for Marine who lost both his legs in Afghanistan

Jonathon Blank, a marine, lost both of his legs while fighting in Afghanistan nine years ago.

The 32-year-old has had significant hardships in his effort to adjust to life without his legs. It has not been an easy trip, and the fact that rehabilitation is expensive has only made things harder.

Gary Sinise, a well-liked and admired actor in Hollywood, is fortunately on his side. The Forrest Gump actor, who is renowned for his altruism and compassion, reportedly reached out to Blank to inform him that his organization, the Gary Sinise Foundation, has chosen to assist by giving him a custom-made home.

It's made the "next part of life lot simpler," as Blank acknowledged to KSL.

Blank was obviously shocked by what happened. The marine went on to say, "It's such a wonderful present.

Even some of those "tough guys" became really upset when they learned about this.

Blank enlisted in the Marines in 2006 after completing high school. However, four years later, while serving in Afghanistan, he was hit in a bomb that claimed his legs and injured his head and arm with shrapnel.

Bank continues to have severe pain, migraines, and sleeplessness.

The world is not made for persons with impairments, according to Bank. It's just a harsh reality that I have had to cope with every day since my injury.

Through his organization, Sinise, whose Forrest Gump character Lt. Dan Taylor is handicapped after serving in Vietnam, has already contributed to the construction of 58 houses for injured veterans.

The bespoke homes for Sinise's foundation are built by Jorgenson Builders, and Blank's house will be finished in a year.

Additionally, the new residence will include remote-control light fixtures and drapes in addition to being energy-efficient. Additionally, a customized kitchen and voice-activated technologies will be used.

Brittney Harris, Blank's girlfriend, is eager to observe the effects the smart house has.

She said, "He's constantly dragging and carrying all his things up and down the stairs." Nothing slows him down, but just think of the difference it would make for him if he could reach cabinets by pulling them down rather than by climbing.
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