Teacher and bride-to-be proposes to classroom asking her students to be bridesmaids and groomsmen

The selection of bridesmaids and groomsmen may be particularly difficult when planning a wedding, but one woman found the ideal approach.

Alexandra Stamps, a fifth-grade teacher, didn't think twice about asking her pupils to serve as her bridesmaids and groomsmen on her big day.

After almost a year of dating, the Kansas teacher from Wichita's Science and Technology Elementary School wed fiancé Mason McDowell in July.

Third-grade teacher Mason also wanted his pupils to be a part of their special day.

The couple not only requested their pupils to attend their wedding, but they also asked them to serve as their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

They are a vital part of my life and I adore them. Because they are my biggest supporters, I want them to be up there with me, Alexandra told the Wichita Eagle.

When Alexandra asked her class, she captured it on camera and uploaded it to TikTok, where it soon gained popularity and had over 19 million views.

I'm about to invite my pupils to be a part of my wedding, Alexandra says at the start of the film.

The next scene has her instructing her pupils in her classroom as she says, "Okay, so I have a pretty important question to ask you guys.

Will you guys be my junior bridesmaids at my wedding, Khloe, Mary, Reagan, Angelina, Esmeralda, Lucy, Lily, Bella, and Harley? The females answer her question with "Yes!"

Will you guys be my junior groomsmen, Briyland, Max, Eric, Emilio, Kayden, Will, Conner, Jessie, Jose, and Sebastian? When she asks, the lads promptly respond, "Yes!"

According to Alexandra, maybe six or seven of the pupils started sobbing because they were so moved by the question.

The explanation given by Alexandra and her husband for asking their pupils was that they spent more than forty hours a week with them and that they both really loved them.

"So, rather than simply having them in the audience, I thought it could be great to involve them in the celebrations.

"I simply want to share with them this unique aspect of my life. They deserve to be up there with me because of the hard work they've put in this year, the fact that they not only survived the epidemic but really flourished in it, and the fact that I've watched them develop as individuals.

The girls received false pearl necklaces from Alexandra, who said she had previously checked with the pupils' parents to make sure it was appropriate for them to participate, while the guys received bright sunglasses. All of the pupils received rainbow-striped lollipops when she proposed to them.
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