Friendly dolphin retrieves lady’s phone after dropped into sea

The sweetest thing ever was captured on video at the magical occasion.

But dolphins are so amazing, it breaks my heart!

Such beautiful, intelligent creatures.

See the touching scene right here.

When Miami Warm cheerleader Teressa Cee visited the Bahamas, she made the most of the chance to swim with dolphins in the clear seas off Blue Lagoon Island. No matter how little she knew, she was about to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Teressa requested a friend to watch her phone while she was in the water because she wanted to spend time with the adorable dolphins that were around the boat. Sadly, the person's phone just slipped from their grasp and fell into the Atlantic.

Teressa had already started to feel bad since she knew she would never get her phone back, but suddenly something unusual happened. A dolphin noticed the phone and dove to find it.

To everyone's amazement, he not only found it but also gave it back to Teressa, who was speechless at what she was seeing. Teressa took pictures of the incredible spectacle and subsequently posted them online.

The cetacean was rewarded with a selfie with Teressa for his kind deed.

Dolphins are just amazing!!! These incredible animals are extremely intelligent and beautiful.

We are happy that they are social because they could one day run the world. Amazing creatures.

Dolphins are super lovely, and I really like them. Mother nature is magnificent, and they are fantastically intelligent.
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