Off The Coast Of Florida A Diver Confronts A Large Shark

Off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, a diver had an incredible encounter with a large bull shark. The man even managed to capture the horrifying creature on camera, publishing a number of the images online.

When the enormous shark was discovered, free-diving photographer and marine life enthusiast John Moore was there.

Despite the diver's 55 years and several shark encounters, this was by far the largest shark he had ever seen. Along with other bull sharks, the pregnant shark was hunting prey near the surface.

"She was a girl who was unreasonably large," the photographer said. She had obviously not skipped any meals, thus it is very conceivable that she was pregnant. She came boldly straight up to me during our dive and was an extremely dominant shark.

Moore later posted the amazing photographs on Instagram, where he frequently posts images of the sharks he sees when scuba diving.

He described an up-close and personal look at a huge female Bull shark's stunning serrated teeth.

"A fish had snatched a portion of the bait, moved toward me in search of shelter, then dropped the chunk out of fear. This prepared me for a photo that even my 20mm lens couldn't handle.

Even though Moore has a lot of experience with bull sharks, this wasn't the most enjoyable encounter for him since bull sharks aren't the most pleasant sharks to encounter.

In reality, along with great white and tiger sharks, this species is one of the most dangerous sharks. These huge creatures are easily capable of reaching heights of 11 feet and weighing up to 1,500 pounds.
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