Dog adopted by Tennessee trooper who rescued her from extreme heat on side of highway


Scorching summer sun beat down on Tennessee, shimmering off the asphalt like a mirage. Trooper Pumpy Tudors, on his usual patrol, received a call about a tiny trooper in distress – a dog, collapsed by the side of the highway, panting desperately.

The heat that day was brutal, close to 100 degrees. This little lost soul was in serious danger. Trooper Tudors didn't hesitate. He became a knight in shining armor, offering the pup water, shade from his umbrella, and even some treats he had stashed in his car.

Gently, Trooper Tudors sat beside the dog, patiently building trust. The pup, weak but grateful, lapped up the water and eventually found the strength to stand. They then journeyed together to the animal shelter in Cleveland, where the dog could get the medical attention it needed.

The story, shared on the Tennessee Highway Patrol's Facebook page, struck a chord. People showered Trooper Tudors with praise for his compassion. "Hero!" they wrote, "You give us hope!" The post echoed a plea to pet owners – keep your furry friends safe in the heat!

But the story wasn't over. When no one came forward to claim the lost dog, a special connection blossomed. Trooper Tudors adopted the pup, christening her Princess. The Facebook update, with a photo of a happy pup nestled beside a smiling trooper, melted hearts everywhere. Princess was finally home.

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