This Feline Went From A Skittish Feral To A Loving Lap Cat(7 photos)

Love has a transformational potential that is very amazing! It has the power to transform a timid feral into a loving lap cat and a villain into a hero. That is, at least, what occurred to the story's primary character today.

Meet Dwight, a mischievous 2-year-old cat that preferred a cozy couch over the icy, cruel sidewalk. He used to hiss instead of purring.

Dwight had been an outdoor cat in Lewisburg, Tennessee, for his whole life. He was destined to live a fairly lonely life and never experience what it was like to have a kind human being take care of him.

That was, until he met Morgan, a really unique cat woman.

One day, Morgan caught Dwight skulking about her porch. He was quite hesitant, having lived outside amid the bushes. Morgan said that she couldn't even look at him without his scurrying away.

Morgan started to leave food for Dwight on her doorstep because she was determined to change things. She noticed a slow shift over time as he warmed up to her. Says she:

He sniffed me the first time I genuinely believed he may allow me to touch him. And I said, "Okay, I'm in!"

Morgan won Dwight's confidence by demonstrating an abundance of affection, unrelenting effort, and—most importantly—unending patience. She has been unable to pet him without getting scratched or growled at for about 7 months.

That is a triumph in the eyes of all cat lovers!

Morgan saw that Dwight was feeling a little under the weather as she drew nearer to him. It was obvious he had a cold and required an urgent trip to the veterinarian.

Although it wasn't easy to catch him, Morgan's help was beneficial. Surprisingly, Dwight appeared to understand that he was in excellent hands when she took him to the vet she trusted.

Morgan chose to take Dwight in after seeing the veterinarian. He quickly adapted to living indoors and began to enjoy all the luxuries of a cozy, caring environment. Morgan stated:

"He used to observe the outside world from the window above the heater."

Dwight demonstrated that he was a real lap cat. He was always looking for attention and enjoyed having his favorite brush stroked. He was really quite adorable!

After some time, Morgan learned that Dwight tested positive for FIV, which indicated that keeping him would be dangerous given that she already had five cats. Dwight temporarily moved in with Jacklyn, another foster mother, to make sure he was okay.

As members of Lewisburg, Tennessee-based Lucky's Cat House, a nonprofit cat rescue organization, Morgan and Jacklyn were well-versed in providing care for a cat in need.

They were both saddened that Dwight was not theirs. They loved him. Still, they were positive he would make the ideal only kid for a devoted cat parent. He was everything a person might want in a cat: kind, affectionate, and entertaining!

It was rather easy to find him a forever home because he was such a cute pet. He's been living his greatest life ever since Morgan and Jacklyn linked him with an incredible owner in a matter of months!

Take a peek at him! Isn't he cute?

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this tale and Dwight's amazing metamorphosis. I strongly advise looking at Lucky's Cat House on Instagram if you're thinking about adopting a cat. They deserve our support since they are doing amazing work saving cats!

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