The friendship between these different species of creatures is too adorable to imagine(3 photos)

Two loving pups were cruising on a boat on the water with their parents on a lovely day when they came upon this new companion. After a few minutes of cordial chat, the dogs and the interested dolphin leaned over the edge of the boat to have a better look at one another. 

The curious dolphin excitedly swam towards the boat. One of the dolphins then surfaced from the water, kissing a pup on the snout.

The two dogs' tails wag in glee at the sweetness of this kiss!

The film is so distinctive that it was used in the DOLPHINS, an award-winning IMAX classic from MacGillivray Freeman Films. These two pals, however, are unaware of how unique this occasion is to those who are present!

We are very appreciative to have seen this touching interaction between these two extraordinary animals, and we hope they keep making sweet connections! 
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