After Being Freed After 50 Years In Cap.tivity, A 73-Year-Old Elephant Began To Cry(video)

An elephant named Sook Jai, who is 73 years old, was rescued after more than five years of torture! 

Animals from the wild should not be kept in cramped, dirty cages. Capturing them is a horrible!

The life of this Sook Jai elephant has been tragic; her owners kidnapped her as a baby, tortured her, and taught her to beg on the streets of Thailand; she has had a horrible existence. She was imprisoned and tortured for the most of her life, both physically and psychologically.

She was repeatedly used as a commodity and tormented by the majority of her owners. In 2017, the team at Elephant Rescue Park managed to save Sook Jai, who was in bad shape. She was totally blind and painfully deaf!

Thankfully, Elephant Nature Park learned about Sook Jai's situation and came to take her in at their refuge.

The strong gigantic beast was exhausted when she was set free!

She was terribly injured and malnourished, so her rescuers started treating her wounds immediately away. She was famished but was unable to eat or drink because of how long she had been tortured.

Sook Jai, on the other hand, seems to detect the genuineness and friendliness of those folks. She started crying, and the zoo keepers noticed. This is lovely, yet painful. The entire scene left everyone in tears!

Now that she has it, she can finally be free!

All of you who contributed to save the elephant are like earthly angels; thank you! 

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