Chuck Norris honors mom on 101st birthday — she raised her 3 sons as single mom after dad left

One of the most active celebrities of his generation is Chuck Norris. The 82-year-old established a career out of acting and marital arts, and millions of people still revere him now.

But for Norris, his mother may always be the most important person in his life.

Due to his numerous martial arts accomplishments, his extensive collection of belts, and his acting career, Chuck Norris is well-known to the general public. But maybe the titles he proudly bears are those of adoring son and devoted spouse!

He frequently makes reference to Wilma Norris, the actor's mother, and the impact she has had on his life. At a period when the world wasn't too nice to single mothers, he has spoken about the incredible strength of her character in being able to raise three kids alone.

The actor honored both his mother and his wife Gena last year on Mother's Day, thanking them for their great influences on his life.

Spending time with my mom, Wilma Norris Knight, is something I really cherish and love. There are no adequate words to express how I feel...

By chance, his mother celebrated her 100th birthday on the same day, which prompted her son to add, "I love you, Mom! Enjoy your 100th birthday!

Chuck has frequently mentioned how his mother is still a committed member of the neighborhood and a regular prayer warrior. He claimed that while she prayed for his professional success, she also prayed for him to find a woman to change his life, and that her prayer was answered.

Wilma overcame challenging circumstances to reach her current position. She was born in an impoverished home. She suffered later in life but was able to raise her three kids alone because their father, her spouse, left the family quite early.

Mother's Day greetings! In addition, I want to express my gratitude to my gorgeous wife and mother for being the wonderful moms and wives they are. Mama and Gena I cherish you both more than I can express.

However, she was still able to raise three guys on her own. educating them about religion and assisting them in becoming independent so that they would understand that nothing is impossible.

And we saw Chuck Norris start a highly successful career as a martial artist in Hollywood as a result of her trust in her kids and instilling such a conviction.

The actor has always prioritized his family. In 1998, he wed Gena, and the two of them had a child in 2001.

Mom, happy birthday! 101 YEARS OLD WOW! :) There aren't enough words to express my love and gratitude for you. We appreciate all that you have done for us throughout the many years that God has blessed us to be a family.

Ten years into their marriage, his wife's arthritic symptoms appeared. She was supposed to have an MRI, as well as other tests and treatments, but everything backfired. She became ill as a result, and she needed round-the-clock nursing care to get back to her prior healthy state.

Chuck accepted the difficulty head-on. "Right now, keeping her alive is all I care about," he stated.

The family guy, putting his profession aside, made sure to concentrate on his wife's care and stayed at her side throughout her illness.

Wilma Norris, the family patriarch, reached 101 years old in May of this year. Chuck, her son, was the first to post about it in appreciation of his mother's life thus far. Happy Birthday Mom! was the post's caption. 101 YEARS OLD WOW! There aren't enough words to express my love and gratitude for you. I appreciate all that you have done for us throughout the years that God has blessed us to be together.

Chuck has always made a point of telling people how much he cherishes his mother and how important she is to him. She was young when he first fell deeply in love with her; he once recalled in an interview, "When I was born, I almost died from problems. She was at home praying for my salvation and prosperity when I was on the verge of losing my soul to Hollywood a few decades ago.

Wilma Norris' life was not simple. She was raised in such extreme poverty that at the age of only eight, she was declared a state orphan.

She received therapy for a rare condition for two years while residing in a hospital. When she was an adult, she married Ray, had three children, and had a family. Veteran of World War II, Ray had a drinking problem and had lost a limb when he got home.

He struggled to maintain a job due to his alcoholism. He was unable to provide for the family financially. This led Wilma to relocate to Wilson, Oklahoma with her three boys.

Chuck has frequently told fans how, despite the fact that this was the Great Depression era, her mother's faith never wavered and she made sure to always think things will get better.

"Mom has been an example of perseverance and faith her entire life," the actor said of his mother. Along with losing her two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren, and my younger brother Wieland in the Vietnam War, she has also had to deal with these losses. She has repeatedly battled cancer and has had about 30 surgeries for various problems, yet she is still alive to share her story.

In order to talk about her life and family, Wilma made a rare appearance on the Mike Huckabee show in 2012. She cited regular family prayer time and making sure everyone attended church regularly as the keys to her successful parenting.

Young parents should shower them with affection, she urged. Bring them to Sunday services and church. However, as you can see, God didn't give us our kids. He merely temporarily loaned them to us.

Indeed, Wilma Norris is an inspiration. The Norris family matriarch is still going strong at 101 years old.
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