Circus Elephant Captive For 53 Years Joyously Reunites With Her ‘Sisters’

According to Wildlife S.O.S., Rhea the elephant endured "horrendous cruelty and neglect" for almost 53 years while residing in an Indian circus. But after months apart, Rhea was reunited with her elephant "sisters," Mia and Sita, due to the elephant rescue and its sponsors. Rhea was present with Mia and Sita during their lengthy service, however they were rescued in November 2015, leaving Rhea behind.

To obtain Rhea, Wildlife S.O.S. had to prepare the necessary documentation and permit, which took several months and a lot of legal fighting. They wrote of Rhea's rescue on their website: "It crushed our hearts to leave Rhea behind, but we always knew we'd come back for her, and fight with all our power to get her released too."

However, they adhered to their word and released Rhea in April 2015. They set up Rhea's relocation to her new residence and reunion with her family right away.

Rhea's physique has suffered as a result of the years she spent chained up and living in a small cage. Her feet were in a pretty horrible condition, with "cracked toenails, swelling footpads, and an abscess," according to the veterinarian who examined them. She was also underweight, perhaps as a result of years of eating poorly.

Rhea was placed onto a vehicle and driven to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Mathura, after being given the best level of comfort possible.

Mia and Sita were waiting to welcome her as soon as she exited the vehicle! The elephants quickly intertwined their trunks and began to joyfully roar toward one another. Even offering some delectable new grass to one of the other elephants, Rhea.

The elephants reconciled with one another right away and haven't left each other's side since.

Rhea and Sita shared a lovely bucket of fruit on Rhea's first day at the shelter.

If you observed Rhea's bells around her neck, Wildlife S.O.S. co-founder Ms. Geeta Seshamani removed them soon after. Their elimination represents Rhea's release from a lifetime of suffering and mistreatment in the circus.

After spending so many years in confinement, it is a huge joy to see these elephants being well-cared for and allowed to live their natural lives.

The remaining days of the elephant sisters' lives will be spent together in happiness.
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