Years after his family moved away, he still believes they will visit him.

They nearly thought it was a dog when they learned this creature existed. He was thirsty, filthy, and worn out as he walked the streets. He is difficult to catch since he always congregates in the same home.

People in the community who knew him started to worry a lot about his health. They started to notice that he frequently coughed and had a mild limp.

Although it is hard to distinguish this animal from a dog, the neighbors are aware of its presence.

His thick mane of hair that covered him was mostly to blame for his lameness. His encroachment resulted in knots that tugged at his flesh.

Some people attempted to assist him, but he fled from them. For a sick dog, the small creature moved astonishingly quickly.

One woman, though, was a little luckier. She was able to approach the animal closely enough to see that it was wearing a collar. Earllook, let's call him Earl, was her name.

Every time she visited Earl, the sweet woman would leave him some food. She said that Earl formerly had a family when asked about the pet.

One night, amid total darkness, the family could be seen hurrying out of their home. It was quite odd. Earl was regrettably left behind.

Like many other dogs, Earl had a gut feeling that his family will eventually come home. Every day, he would return to the abandoned home to wait for them. They never returned.

It was clear that poor Earl had suffered as a result of spending so much time on the streets.

It was time for the experts to step in. This puppy deserved to have a better life! Earl was difficult to capture, but the rescuers persisted. They had to use a net to catch him, but they did.

Earl was at last in capable hands! The vet immediately became aware of his cough. Blood tests and X-rays were performed on Earl. The outcomes weren't favorable.

Earl, who was thought to be at least ten years old, was poor. He had heartworms, which made him ill.

He paid a high price for living on the streets without access to a healthy food or medical care. The outlook for him was not favorable.

The small dog's diagnosis were not promising.

It was essential to keep him content and comfortable because the veterinarian believed that the therapy would not be effective. She decided to take him in after years of feeding him.

No matter how long Earl has to live, she makes the decision to provide for his needs, giving him the joy of feeling safe and loved again after years of being abandoned.

But it's never too late to have enough love and determination.

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