Baby Elephant Follows Rescuer Everywhere She Goes — Including The Couch(video)

The devoted Roxy Danckwerts is the owner of a wildlife refuge called Wild Is Life, where she provides wounded and abandoned animals with a second shot at life.

This is admirable anywhere it takes place in the globe, but Roxy is from Zimbabwe, Africa. She has rehabilitated ostriches, giraffes, and even cheetahs with the help of her team! So what transpires when, in 2016, a newborn elephant is given to them? Of course, there is some mayhem after that!

As reported by BBC1, Moyo was a "tiny" baby elephant, perhaps no older than a few days, when he arrived at the refuge. He was famished when he was discovered alone. He seemed to have attempted to cross the river with his herd, but the strong currents carried him and his mother away.

It's anyone's guess as to how he made it through, but he couldn't last for very long without food and shelter. After being sent to Roxy's wildlife refuge, he started again as a house elephant.

He has grown significantly, as the video below shows. He's grown more interested, shed his timidity, and filled out. Elephants require this quality in order to maintain herd cohesion and to live in the wild. An elephant in the kitchen, though, is a whole different story!

An Elephant at Home?

Large dogs, such as Great Danes or Saint Bernards, can be rather troublesome in homes, as anybody who has ever owned one will attest. When they steal a nibble from someone's plate, their heads dart across the table. There's no room for anyone else when they spread out on the couch.

Multiply that by five, and you have baby Moyo, who is much bigger and more naughty than a dog and goes about the house like one. Dogs never had trunks to support their heads as they reached! Moyo isn't even aware that he's gradually ruining his beloved couch!

His Prospects

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