Man Adopts Mutt Off The Streets, Realizes Her Breed When She Gets Older

A man made the decision to see a dog that was being offered for adoption after hearing about it. He was compelled to have her as soon as he saw her. She was a really attractive dog.

Although her breed was unknown, it would become clear as she grew older and matured.

The man brought the fluffy stray home after adopting her. His choice was Phoebe.

He never knew exactly what kind of dog she was, but she was a wonderful companion and had a wonderful attitude.

...till she began maturing. Phoebe's Husky/Golden Retriever mix became apparent as she grew older.

It became increasingly clear as she grew older and larger. She would eventually resemble the woman shown here quite a bit.

Another illustration of a Husky/Golden Retriever cross. Though not as fluffy as Phoebe, still lovely. Look at those eyes, please!
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