Man Floats With 19 Year Old Elderly Dog Every Day To Ease His Pain

You might recall viewing the picture a while back. A shepherd mix who is floating with his head on the man's chest and long, graying hair is in his arms.

Here is the background to that image.

Schoep was given to John Unger as a puppy. The senior dog developed hip dysplasia and arthritis 19 years later. Schoep needed pain relief, and Unger understood the best way to do that was to take the pressure off his joints by floating beside him.

Unger's friend snapped a picture of the two of them, and it spread like wildfire.

Once the picture went viral, news outlets covered their tale. Donations began to arrive from all across the world, enabling Unger to investigate other pain management strategies and spend an additional year with his beloved Schoep.

Schoep is no longer with us, but the love shown in that picture lives on.

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