The Oklahoma City Zoo’s Animal Family Welcome The New Member: A Female Chimpanzee!

The baby was given the name Kiazi, which is Swahili meaning "potato."

KANSAS CITY — An endangered chimpanzee was born, according to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

According to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, 14-year-old Nia gave birth to a female chimpanzee at 10:17 a.m. on October 1 following an approximately 8-month gestation period. Nia's second kid is here!

At delivery, the newborn chimp weighed about 4 pounds, and zoo authorities are happy to see that she is healthy. The little chimpanzee has been given the endearing moniker "Kiazi" by its primate caregivers. This name means "potato" in Swahili.

Caretakers started studying Nia's interactions with the baby chimp as soon as she gave birth. It was unfortunate that Nia wasn't acting like a good mother to her child. The veterinarian and primate care experts at the OKC Zoo consequently made the decision to step in and start the infant chimp's assisted upbringing.

According to Tracey Dolphin, the zoo's primate curator, "The OKC Zoo is dedicated to caring for Kiazi through assisted raising with the ultimate objective of reconnecting her with our chimpanzees." When she is old enough, Kiazi will be reintegrated into her parental troop with the assistance of Kito, our tested surrogate chimpanzee mother.

At the great ape habitat, a committed group of animal professionals and hand-picked volunteers are now caring for the young chimpanzee Kiazi. And it will go on until Nia and the chimp are reunited!

Currently, Kiazi is the zoo's eighth chimpanzee. In addition to Kiazi, there are also two men, Mwami and Ruben, and four ladies, Nia, 54-year-old Cindy, 35-year-old Kito, and 21-year-old Kirsty Nia.

She's so adorable. Best wishes and welcome to this tiny potato!
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