This Clever Golden Retriever Learned To Use The Toilet Like A Human

Great work, you two. I'm really proud.

amazing, lovely puppy The dog's owner is quite proud of her since she is smart!

In order to teach the district to be such a nice dog, the owner must have had a lot of patience!

Tokyo, a smart golden retriever, has figured out how to balance herself on her front paws and use the toilet bowl the way she's been trained, although many dogs have been condemned for drinking from it.

Alejandro Rodriguez Corrales, 29, claims that Tokyo was initially his girlfriend's dog, but he trained her since she was a little child. He thinks the adorable puppy will be able to clean herself if they are unable to take her outdoors.

Although it took a while and a lot of love and care, he was successful!

Alejandro explained how he helped Tokyo find the restroom, showed her how to use it, and then rewarded her with food when she used the restroom correctly. Because it was too complex, he used to let the dog to relieve themselves there but not Tokyo. After a long training, Tokyo was able to perfect it on its own.

She doesn't appear particularly content or at ease doing this.

Tokyo also keeps the restroom spotless; she never leaves a mess. The dog can only blush; anything else is impossible. Tokyo is a sage canine!

On social media, Alejandro captured Tokyo's somewhat embarrassing situation, for which she has won a lot of admiration!
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