Family Man David McCallum Is Devoted To Wife Of 55 Years And Their 8 Grandkids

A fictitious squad of special agents, their jobs, and their personal lives are followed in the TV show "NCIS." The show mixes aspects of the police procedural and military drama genres to create a profoundly compelling program that has grown to become a phenomenon and fan favorite. One of the longest-running scripted non-animated primetime TV programs, "NCIS," debuted in September 2003 and has now entered broadcast syndication.

It's hardly surprising that several of the key players from such a powerful program have gone on to have successful careers and have attracted a lot of media attention. Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, David McCallum, and other notable actors have been some of the prominent stars over the years.

On September 19, 1933, in Maryhill, Glasgow, McCallum was born. On "NCIS," he is best known for playing Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard. As well as his performances in "The Great Escape" and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," the actor is well known.

David McCallum Sr., McCallum's father, was an orchestral violinist, therefore McCallum was inspired as a young boy to pursue a career in music. McCallum had studied the oboe, but when he was in his late teens, he decided to pursue acting instead, switching from theater. He even continued on to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England, where Joan Collins was a fellow student.

McCallum and Katherine Carpenter had been together for 55 years at this point. They have, however, experienced some difficulties inside their family. Continue reading to learn more about McCallum's family.

McCallum previously wed actress Jill Ireland, according to the Washington Post. She is primarily recognized for her work in movies, but over her career, she has also made a number of television appearances. Over the course of the first three seasons, she even shared a few episodes of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." with McCallum.

While making the 1957 movie "Hell Drivers," the pair had their first encounter. Between 1957 and 1967, they remained a couple. Paul and Val were born over the course of their relationship, while Jason was adopted. Early in the 1960s, the entire family relocated to California, according to The Scotsman. Ireland reportedly left him for actor Charles Bronson, who was McCallum's former "The Great Escape" co-star.

The fact that McCallum married Carpenter the very next year shows that he didn't wallow in his grief for very long. Express claims that they first crossed paths in 1965 while Carpenter was working as a model in New York for a "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." photo shoot. McCallum was 32 years old and Carpenter was 21 years old.

Express claims that immediately after his marriage to Ireland was declared to be terminated, McCallum proposed to Carpenter, and the new couple wed a short time later. The fact that McCallum and Carpenter have now gone on to produce a son and a daughter called Peter and countless grandkids shows that they genuinely make each other happy.

Even though McCallum is undoubtedly a family guy now, his family life hasn't always been simple. Sadly, the celebrity went through a very trying heartbreak in 1989. ц

The Mirror claims that Jason, McCallum's adoptive son, overdosed fatally that year. McCallum said, "My enduring sorrow is that I wasn't there for him at the period before his death. "I lost track of what was going on there and lost control of it." In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, McCallum went into further detail on how difficult it was to deal with the death of his son.

You can never really comprehend the loss of a kid, he remarked. Although the pain is genuine, it's more like an aching that transforms into rage.

The "NCIS" star, though, claimed that he simply had to "accept it." Jason was about to become a parent when he passed away. I had some great moments with him, and his son Tory has become friends with my boys, according to McCallum. Val, a musician, and Paul, a studio photographer, are two of his sons.

McCallum told the Belfast Telegraph that he "always" sees his son Paul and his family. The actor feels honored to be an eight-grandfather. He responded, "They refer to me as grand-daddy." We dislike the term "grandpa" because it implies age, yet I am not old. Others had the audacity to refer to me as "grand-ducky."

Given how many photos of McCallum are posted on his son Peter's Facebook page, it is obvious that the two are quite close. The latter has posted several images of McCallum with his endearing youngsters. McCallum has undoubtedly maintained to put his family first despite being a very busy actor!

McCallum has posted several images of his lovely family on Facebook throughout the years. In 2016, McCallum posted a touching snapshot of himself with his family, mainly his grandchildren, who were all present and enjoying themselves. The photograph's caption read:

"August 27 marks the day I officially became a citizen of the US! I received Baked by Melissa from grandchildren.

The actor had a busy year since he also shared a cute photo of one of his grandkids dressed as Harry Potter for a photo shoot. "My Grandson at his sixth birthday celebration," McCallum said in a post.

The "NCIS" star posted in April 2020:

"Two of my grandsons were on the set helping to assemble one of the corpses four years ago. the toes are painted. They currently live and work from home with their siblings, much like hundreds of other kids their age. The ideas kids come up with and the things they are capable of doing while all this is going on absolutely astound me. Stay secure and healthy!

McCallum has a sizable family due to his several marriages. Additionally, it is clear that McCallum's family would not be complete without his loyal wife even though he is a loving grandfather to his children.

McCallum and Carpenter have been together in matrimony for 55 years as of the present. The two allegedly danced for hours together at one point, according to Inspired Stories! However, due to McCallum's reputation as being somewhat more private, many other details regarding their romantic relationships and family have remained out of the public eye. The pair appears to be quite supportive of one another and still very much in love, even if most of their relationship has subsequently been kept out of the public eye.
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