Man bravely dives 25 feet off a bridge to save toddler thrown from car in multi-vehicle crash

Little did Jonathan Bauer realize the disastrous events that were about to occur and the heroic part he would play in them when he chose to drive his 13-year-old daughter the longer but more picturesque route home from work.

But he was engaged in a multi-vehicle collision when he crossed the bridge over Assawoman Bay in Ocean City, Maryland.

At a news conference, Bauer stated, "The first thing I remember is hearing tires squeal.

The truck began to rock back and forth, giving the impression that someone was losing control and attempting to adjust, he said.

The truck then horrified Bauer by slamming into a wall and rolling halfway over the rail.

He made an attempt to swerve out of the path but was hit anyway, causing his car's windows to shatter and his daughter to be covered in glass.

The truck driver was trying to exit his vehicle when he was watching his daughter, who was unexpectedly unharmed, but the door kept closing due to gravity.

By the time Bauer got to him, he had already managed to free himself, and the driver pointed into the water around 20–25 feet below without saying anything.

When Bauer looked over, she noticed a car seat and a young girl standing about six feet away from it. "He simply pointed down at the ocean," Bauer recalled.

She was wearing a little pink dress and was floating on her back with her head entirely above the water.

The boy realized the girl had flipped over and was now in the water with her face down after searching the area for any boats but finding none.

Bauer yelled to his daughter to stay with the car and get a first responder as he dove into the river to save the youngster because he knew he had to act quickly, according to Bauer.

The "scariest moment of her life," his daughter sobbed, was when her father dove into the ocean.

Bauer leaped from a great height without incurring any negative effects, diving feet first into the shallow water.

The young child was then grabbed from the pool and carried high up on his shoulder as he stroked her back vigorously till she began to cough up water.

Fortunately, a boat soon showed up to transport the couple to land.

His wife Wendy was obviously moved as she expressed her pride in her husband while also expressing amazement that he jumped given his fear of heights.

His daughter continued, "He would never ride the Ferris wheel with me.

According to Ocean City Today, eight individuals were brought to nearby hospitals on that day, and a 2-year-old child was airlifted to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore as a result of the collision, which shut down the bridge for six hours.

Jonathan stated that he wanted to express his gratitude to the first responders in front of the public.

Bauer, Ava, and his wife were appointed honorary members of the EMS by Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. In addition, Bauer received a plaque in recognition of his valiant efforts.

According to Meehan, who was quoted by Ocean City Today, "Jonathan's genuinely a modest hero and that's what makes this even more remarkable than it already was."

"Today is a day of gratitude. This accident was quite terrible. The moral of the narrative is that everyone is fine and that everyone in this room is responsible for their fineness.
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