This Horse Pretends To Be Dead When People Try To Ride Him, And He’s So Dramatic He Deserves An Oscar

The horse in Mexico that practically pretends dead everytime someone attempts to ride him proves that humans are not the only lazy creatures that invent the most imaginative justifications to avoid hard work.

The truth is that this horse named Jingang just got tired of hauling people about all day and thought of a creative method to avoid working. We can't determine if he's too smart or too lazy.

Jingang tries to be as theatrical as he can as he acts dead, pushing his tongue out and raising his legs high.

Sometimes, even before a person tries to mount him, he collapses to the ground, and the scene is very amusing.

Scroll down to view some photographs of this comical horse acting dead.

Who do you think Jingang is?

Okay, that call was simple. The man is theatrical, though. Even his tongue protrudes from his mouth.

Jingang gave a performance that won awards.

Even his legs are extended into the air. Such an instruction.

Jingang, if you close your eyes, no one will notice that you are breathing deeply.

Still not convinced?

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