Twin sisters, 60, have been working at the same McDonald’s for 40 years, and won gold in the Special Olympics

In a way, I feel bad for anyone who did not have a sister to grow up with.

Given that I have three sisters, I admit that I'm prejudiced, but in my opinion, there are very few ties that can compare to sisterhood in terms of strength.

My sisters and I stay in touch on a regular basis; even when we argue, which we do frequently, we quickly reconcile. To put it another way, they improve all aspect of my life.

Because of this, I can only be jealous of the two Utah twin sisters who have been coworkers at the same McDonald's restaurant for 40 years!

According to sources, around the age of 20, Ellen and Elaine Hamilton began working at the McDonald's on 3300 South Main Street in Salt Lake City. They are now well-known and adored in their neighborhood.

Elaine told KSL, "This is my home." "I recognize the locals. It's a manager I know. I am familiar with them.

The 60-year-old Elaine claimed that clients frequently compliment her and Ellen on their work.

When she serves customers' meals at the restaurant, Ellen herself claimed that she enjoys her job since it has given her the opportunity to interact with "a lot of people."

I do all the cleaning, Ellen remarked.

Indeed, Elaine and Ellen—who claim to like working together since they are best friends—perform so well that recently a client contacted the McDonald's president to request recognition for them.

The sisters' longevity was honored last Friday at the restaurant by their coworkers and Darin Angeli from Watson Management, which owns and runs the Salt Lake McDonald's.

When we can retain staff for that long, it just means a lot to us, he added. "They not only satisfy our consumers, but they also satisfy us. We can rely on them since they have been around for such a long time. They consistently turn up, therefore it is quite important. It is really important to us.

Greg Hamilton, the brother of Ellen and Elaine, said his sisters "take care of all of us" and are very hard workers.

He remarked, "It's very wonderful that they've done so well, especially considering both of my parents went gone." They continue to reside in the same home where we all grew up.

I'm really overjoyed that McDonald's has been so accommodating to them.

The sisters have been the center of attention before, so this is not a new occurrence. They both reportedly compete in the Special Olympics regularly and recently won gold medals for bocce ball.

The women's sister-in-law said that neither Ellen nor Elaine had any plans to retire. Evidently, to them, "60 is only a number."

I was very moved by this tale. I believe that the world could use a few more role models like these two sisters.

Girls, congrats on 40 years of employment. We want to share many more occasions with you.
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