Young mom overcomes huge odds, gives birth to miracle triplets

In England, Becki-Jo Allen and her baby daughter Indiana had secure, peaceful lives.

But one day Becki-Jo started to feel queasy and thought she could be expecting again.

It found out that she was definitely carrying triplets! But when it was time to present them, a shock even greater than that revelation was in store. Given the rarity of what occurred, the odds against it happening are as high as 200 million to 1.

In England, Becki-Jo and her daughter Indiana reside just outside of Liverpool. Their lives were peaceful until Becki-Jo started to wonder if something was going on within her body one day. It started when she felt sick to her stomach.

The Liverpool Echo quoted Becki-Jo as saying: "I had been feeling pretty ill and had a really nasty headache so I scheduled an early scan and that was when I found out I was having triplets. The biggest shock of my life, that was!

Since we don't have any triplets in the family, it came as a complete surprise.

Naturally astonished, the mother was also quite happy to hear the news. Indiana was slated to be the older sibling of three! With the help of her loved ones, Becki-Jo set out to psychologically be ready for the challenge of bringing three children into the world.

Becki-Jo, however, was brought to the hospital in week 31 of her pregnancy due to problems. There, she had a Caesarean section to deliver her triplets. They were born quite early, and as a result, were very little.

Rocco, the tiniest, only weighed 3,3 lbs. The only somewhat heavier were his brothers.

Due of their size, all three had to stay in intensive care for six weeks.

Triplet pregnancies are risky, and it's uncommon for all three fetuses to survive.

But Becki-three Jo's proved to be combative. They all made a full recovery, put on weight steadily, and got stronger every day.

The boys were then allowed to leave the hospital after over 1.5 months and go home.

Even though she had problems identifying her boys apart, Becki-Jo was now certain that they weren't identical.

But as they developed, people still had trouble distinguishing between them. Strangers would halt Becki-Jo in the middle of the street to inquire!

The mother then made the decision to look into the situation more further and got in touch with a lab to assist with DNA testing on the three boys.

The outcomes demonstrated the brothers' genetic similarity. That may happen with mind-blowingly astronomical odds of one in 200 million.

Apparently, the use of test tubes and hormone stimulation has raised the likelihood of having triplets. Being genetically similar is still quite uncommon.

"People often stop us while we're out and ask whether they are similar, so we don't go anywhere quickly.

I had always believed they weren't since I had been informed that while I was pregnant.

As one might anticipate, the family uses a lot of resources. The washing machine is reportedly running nearly 24 hours a day, according to Becki-Jo.

And look at how big they have become now!
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