Mother Lion Risks Her Life To Save Her Baby In A Dramatic Rescue

A lion cub's dramatic rescue by his mother was captured on camera by a wildlife enthusiast. A precipitous cliff's edge was where the young lion cub perished. Thankfully, the youngster did not drop straight to the ground.

His mother, along with three more female lionesses and one male lion, went to the edge to investigate as he yelled out in terror and anguish. The lions initially attempted to down the cliff to the cub but quickly realized that it was too steep and risky to do so.

But while her infant continued to scream in fear for her, the mother lion started making another attempt to save her cub. She inched her way down the cliff, holding onto the collapsing edge with her strong claws in a slow, torturous motion. If she made one mistake, she and her child may go down the cliff with her. The mother reaches her weary infant just as he appears to be ready to fall and lifts him in her strong jaws.

She then starts the treacherous ascent back to the summit. The mother lion ascends with her cub securely in her grasp after what felt like hours but was really only minutes. She gently places him on the ground after giving him a large, maternal lick on the top of his head.

The strength of maternal love, which propelled the female lion to risk her life to save her offspring, ensures a happy conclusion. It is the most potent force in the world, as any mother would attest.
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