At 76, Sally Field Was Called ‘Ugly’ For Embracing Aging Naturally But She Has Her Beloved Family For Support

Sally Field, who has been active in the business since the early 1960s, is a Hollywood icon. It is not surprising that Sally has received awards and recognition for her extraordinary effort and ability throughout the course of a career that has lasted over six full decades. In addition to being a standout performer in movies and television shows, she has also demonstrated her skills as a director. Sally also has a stunning heart of gold and has devoted time to becoming an activist, so there's that.

On November 8, 1946, in Pasadena, California, Sally was born. During World War II, her father fought in the military, and he had a brief romance with Sally Field's mother, the actress Margaret Field. Jock Mahoney, an actor and stuntman, subsequently wed Margaret. It's hardly surprising that Sally went on to distinguish herself as an exceptional actor given that she grew up in a famous family. She began her career as a star of television shows including "Gidget" and "The Flying Nun."

The renowned actress has endured the years. On February 26, 2023, she politely collected the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award and shared an emotional narrative about her exciting career in cinema and television.

The 76-year-old actress demonstrated that despite her age, her humility and knowledge continue to highlight the beauty and elegance that many have admired her for. She appeared as timeless as her acting roles.

But because Sally has a health problem that has damaged her physique, her road to accepting and appreciating her age has been very challenging for her. In addition to this, she has received criticism for how she looks. Thankfully, Sally has her family to rely on and she has gained courage and strength from them. Continue reading to find out more about Sally, her family, and her health.

Sally has frequently shared her opinions on ageism in Hollywood, a contentious subject that mostly affects women. Women have experienced unfair beauty standards and comments about their looks in the media and on the internet. Actresses and other public figures, particularly those who are aging, come under fire for using cosmetic surgery to change their appearance and hide their age.

As for Sally, she has never been eager to undergo surgery, as she admitted in an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2009.

"When I get a glimpse of myself on television, I lament the fact that my neck is suffering. And your eyes are so swollen, and your face is sagging. However, as I look at some of the women (who have undergone plastic surgery), I realize how lovely I thought they were when they were younger. I'm now thinking, Oh no, don't do that! And that appears to be a grave disdain for who they are right now.

As the years passed, Sally weathered the test of time and continued to land parts, albeit smaller than those she did when she was younger. Even still, it did not change her opinion regarding ageism.

In a 2019 NPR interview on her film "Hello, My Name is Doris," Sally discussed her age and her acceptance of the problems that come with growing older.

Sally remarked at the time, "I'm an elderly woman, 70 is ancient, and that's OK. "I've built strength on the shoulders of my years; I owned them; I've earned them; I've merited them; I have a right to have them. Additionally, I don't like my neck and a lot of other stuff, but it's alright.

Many people are unaware that Sally has a health problem that has changed the way she looks. Sally said that she had always suspected she might be at danger in an interview with WebMD in 2006, a year after learning she has osteoporosis.

I was approaching my 60th birthday, Caucasian, small-boned, and frail. However, I was astounded at how rapidly osteoporosis might progress in a woman from being at risk to being fully developed.

Osteoporosis is a prevalent bone condition that happens when bone mass and density decline, according to the National Health Institute. Notably, it is caused by a loss of estrogen in women who are approaching menopause since the hormone is essential for maintaining bone density.

As a result, Sally has received negative feedback about her looks on social media, with others calling her "ugly," "absolutely sickening," and even making fun of her for sagging. The Oscar-winning actress didn't let any of it get to her, and she drew courage, assurance, and support from her own family.

Peter Craig and Eli Craig, the couple's two kids, were born to Sally and Steven Craig after their 1968 wedding. Eli went on to become an actor and a director, while Peter rose to recognition as a screenwriter. In 1975, the couple was divorced. A few years after she started seeing Burt Reynolds, Sally wed Alan Greisman in 1984. Sam Greisman was born to them before their 1994 divorce.

"My boys are the three things in my life of which I am most proud. They are decent, caring, and successful individuals. Sally gushed to Closer Weekly, "Each has their own set of abilities and accomplishments.

Sally downsized her Malibu house to a $2.3 million ocean-view property in the Los Angeles gated town of Pacific Palisades, and has since been enjoying her time as a grandmother to her five grandkids.

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