Blind Man Sees Wife For The First Time And Only Has Two Words To Say

Life without the people we care about is unimaginable.

We sometimes take for granted our ability to visually appreciate our environment. But not everyone gets the chance to see hues, feel brightness, or see the people they care about.

Gene Purdie never had our perspective on the world.

Purdie was born with Stargardt's illness.

It manifests in our center vision and has an impact on how keen our eyes are. Due to their severely fuzzy eyesight, they can barely make out the silhouette of objects around.

While some people suffer symptoms and visual decline as they age, vision loss can sometimes start as early as infancy in other people.

Despite this, he still managed to find the love of his life.

Joy waved to say "hello" since she was just beginning to take an interest in Gene, but Gene ignored her.

Joy persisted despite the first pain.

The next time she saw him, she questioned him about why he kept "pretending not to notice her." Then Gene admitted he was blind.

They began a new chapter in their lives together.

They eventually began dating and were hitched. Following that, they began a family. By this time, Gene had trained himself to manage his illness while doing activities around the house.

The couple acknowledged Gene was a good cook, despite the fact that he had to go deep into a cookbook to decipher the ingredients.

Gene demonstrated his devotion in deep ways despite not being able to visit his family.

Joy once noticed a visual rig on Rachael Ray's show as she was watching television. A young woman got the chance to glimpse her sister's grin for the first time during an eSight segment.

Joy had some optimism that her husband would be able to live a life in which he could see their son after seeing it today.

She sent a letter to Rachael Ray asking to be on her show.

In the program, Rachael Ray admitted, "I heard them claim they were helping someone sight, but I still didn't believe it. The notion of my husband seeing my face for the first time—to meet our son—left me practically trembling and sobbing for the next hour or more.

The next thing Gene realized, he was seated in front of Rachael Ray, who was gushing about the pair.

Gene finally got to see Joy's face.

He fought back tears, saying simply, "Oh, she's gorgeous." Joy immediately realized the glasses were functional. As Gene looked at his baby, everyone in the studio sobbed alongside him.

Rachael Ray gave him a $15,000 visual gear, but he received more gifts than just the ability to see.

He was able to save the most priceless events in his life by taking pictures of them.

You can watch Gene's endearing response in the video down below.

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