Woman Rescues Tiny Kitten From Dumpster Only To Learn It’s Very Rare

Only one chance in 3,000 exists for this to occur.

All we know about the abandoned newborn cat that made headlines for its genetic uniqueness comes from a single Imgur post. Several images of the little creature were uploaded by a user going by the moniker of Vodkaholy.

After being revived by a family member, the narrative gained popularity.

Nobody knows how the newborn cat wound up in the garbage, but uncaring individuals frequently throw away kittens they don't care for there.

Taking it to a shelter would be kind.

Vodkaholy aunt appears to have saved the kitten, who was just a week old at the time, after hearing the kitten's meows.

Even the kitten's eyes had not yet opened; this occurs 7 to 10 days after birth.

Having a difficult start

The kitten was not only abandoned soon after birth, but it was also hurt and diseased.

It suffered a shattered limb and gangrenous paw when it was just a few days old. The paw couldn't be saved when the kitten's savior took it to the doctor.

Vodkaholy said, "Poor kitten had hardly even opened his eyes when he had to give up a paw.

Large surprise

Undoubtedly, discovering such a dejected creature in the trash was surprising, but the veterinarian had another surprise in store.

The kitten was actually a male calico, in fact!

According to the veterinarian, it's quite uncommon for calicos to be male. What a unique boy! read the caption that goes with the pictures.

A cat needs two X chromosomes to be calico since the calico color genes reside on the X chromosome and the characteristic is recessive. Males are genetically XY, while only females are XX.

The genetic composition of the kitten is XXY, which only happens once in 3000 calico cats.

A chance at survival

Many commenters on the post requested further information, including the name of the cat.

His given name was Martyr. She probably thought it would be humorous.

He won't have any more calico kittens, in any case:

Veterinarians dispute Vodkaholy's claim that the cat was born infertile and say that male calico cats often are sterile.

Vodkaholy's aunt gave the cat a lifelong home, and the user reported that he was healthy and content (even though he only had three paws).

The kitten had been acclimating well to his new home for three months as of the previous report.

Although he is a "failed foster," this kind aunt has brought home several kittens before this one.

She is accustomed to rescuing stray animals and placing them in loving homes, but she will keep this one.

source : shareably

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