Mila Kunis Uses Her 'Poverty Background' To Teach Her Children 'What A Dollar Is Worth'

American actresses Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are most recognized for their roles in the comedy "That 70s Show." The program had eight seasons and 200 episodes, and it ran from 1998 to 2006. It dealt with societal themes of the day and focused on the lives of a group of young friends in the 1970s. The sitcom was a financial and critical success, helping both Kutcher and Kunis establish their respective careers.

Interestingly, they portrayed a couple on the program, but it would take them a long time to fall in love in real life.

At the age of seven, Kunis made the long journey from the Ukraine to the United States to have an extraordinary childhood before she became an actor. Before joining popular television series and timeless films, Kunis was tackling the difficult real-life part of a young Jewish girl who felt out of place in Los Angeles, California.

The celebrity said that her parents left the (then) Soviet Union in search of better prospects and moved with her brother, mother, and father. Kunis rapidly gained notoriety as a famous child actor with performances in "Seventh Heaven" episodes and Barbie Mattel commercials. When Kunis was finally cast for "That 70's Show," she was 14 years old. Kunis claimed that despite working a full-time acting job as a studio teacher, her family relationship and circumstance were still incredibly special. Read on to find out more about how the actress's background inspired her parenting style. In a 2016 interview on The Howard Stern Show, Kunis spoke up about her emotional history.

When Kunis was in second grade, she cried virtually every day after school. Kunis' parents made the decision to enroll her in an acting program to aid with both her English and her developing, flimsy confidence. She would subsequently learn that her parents spent $890 for the program with just $900 in the family's bank account. Thankfully, the young actress with the accent began to find roles. In a Howard Stern interview, Kunis said, "We were incredibly impoverished, and I simply had money." Her dedication has maintained her in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years, via roles on "That 70's Show," "Family Guy," and now cinema screens throughout the world. The actor admitted:

"This business is not like chess, that's for sure. Actually thinking five steps ahead is impossible. You would be the master if you could, which is not feasible. There's no strategy. You take each day as it comes. You simply strive to choose wisely."

Even after she became a box office success, Kunis' parents still refuse to give her anything, not even a supper. She said, "I've never been able to pay for dinner. To this day, when I say, "Let's go out to dinner for your birthday, Dad," he will contact the restaurant first and lay his card down. She now has a new perspective on the world as a wife and mother, and she and her husband Ashton Kutcher are parents to two kids. The stars have mostly avoided the spotlight despite each having had a tremendously successful Hollywood career while raising their own families. The actress is emulating her parents by striving to teach her two children the value of working hard and seizing opportunities for themselves.

In an effort to impart life lessons, Kunis acknowledged her fame and stated, "It's a question of educating children from a very early age that, you know, mother and daddy have a dollar, but you're poor." "You have nothing and are really impoverished. Daddy and mommy maintain a bank account, "Added she. The actor, who has admitted that her childhood was unconventional, recalled:

"I always thought that was so amazing in my memory" I never missed out on anything, although I'm not sure whether that was a coping method.

The A-List actress acknowledges that her husband Ashton Kutcher shares similar childhood anecdotes with her. Both people experienced very severe adversity for their ages. Kutcher was born in Iowa with a fraternal twin brother who has cerebral palsy; he did not immigrate from another nation. Before beginning his career in the entertainment sector, he would eventually enroll at the University of Iowa to study biochemical engineering.

Said Kunis:

We both came from quite stable homes of poverty, grew up extremely poor, are mostly self-made, and are very conscious of what a dollar is worth, so it's crucial.

Nothing has been delivered to us, she said. She has admitted that not everything of her parenting has been great so far while she has been working and raising children. At a "Mom Confessions" episode on "The Ellen Degeneres Show," Kunis claimed that she pushed the child back after her daughter reported being pushed in preschool. She acknowledged that she had probably failed as a mom in this situation, and her husband had been horrified to hear her answer.

The Hollywood couple has even admitted that they don't intend to leave their earnings to their kids "No trust fund is being established for them. We'll end up donating our funds to a good cause." Currently, Kutcher, Kunis, and their two kids reside in Los Angeles, California.
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