The World’s Favorite Rare White Whale Migaloo Has Been Sighted For The First Time!

I'm glad he was found after so many people speculated he had died.

Perhaps blue-gray whales are all that we are familiar with, but look at this unusual whale!

Since its discovery in 1991, Migaloo has been often observed in Australian waters.

Fans of Migaloo were in a frenzy after seeing photos of the whale swimming off Victoria's south coast.

Although humpback whales have numerous whites, not all of them are white, only this whale has such a distinctive hue. There are several white whales in the globe.

He was given the nickname "Migaloo," which in numerous local tongues translates to "whitefella."

The Migaloo, the most popular white whale in the world, might visit Australia sooner than anticipated. Dr. Vanessa Pirotta, a marine biologist, stated, "We're not 100% positive, but it may be him because he's part of an eastern population that migrates at this time of year."

If we ever get the opportunity to view this whale in person, we will be astounded by how his unique pure white hue will shine the surrounding water and how the sea will turn turquoise around him as he swims!

Because he is so special, people want to know more about him. He is an extremely outgoing individual who usually hangs out with his pal Milo.

This live natural miracle is a pristine white whale!

What a wonderful creature!

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