Meet Grandala Coelicolor, A Spectacular Bird With Spellbinding Blue Plumage

There are some very stunning birds in the world. They have bizarre hues, which leaves us, as humans, uncertain as to whether they are genuine or not.

Among these is the stunning Grandala Coelicolor. A rich, deep, and mesmerizing blue coat is preferred. Anyone who spots them will undoubtedly be drawn in by this hue of blue.

Coelicolors are actually entirely blue, with the exception of their beak, eyes, and legs. Dark blue and black together in such a stunning way is something I never would have imagined. These stunning creatures are powerfully evidenced by their plumage, and I can't help but fall in love with them.

The female birds are dark with white streaks across the head and breast, as well as white bars on each wing, in contrast to the males who have all the traits mentioned above.

Grandala coelicolors inhabit the mid- to low-altitude regions of the Indian Subcontinent.

They live in the Himalayas, which are found in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, and portions of China.

Insects are the primary food source for coelicolors, who prefer to catch them in flight than hunting them on the ground. They also consume berries and fruits.

The nest is constructed on a ledge by these birds during the breeding season, which runs from May through July. It's interesting how this nest resembles a cup.

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