16-Year-Old Boy Rocked a Red Gown to Prom and His Classmates Were So Excited for Him(6 photos)

The prom is comparable to the high school Met Gala. You get to dress to impress and make a statement in front of your peers. Korben, 16, did precisely that while sporting a stunning sequined jacket top and full skirt. The two major items were paired by a crimson lip, a huge red bowtie, and a glittering crown. The folks surrounding Korben were just as enthusiastic about his fashion sense as he was. Korben looked amazing and was clearly very delighted. His mother posted pictures of him laughing and posing with his classmates at Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, England, in a tweet that has since gone viral.

Korben's prom attire has long been a fantasy. His mother, Nina Green, recalled, "At age 12, my son decided he wanted to attend his school's prom in a gown." We worked on it for four years to get it done. It's a delight to be so proud of him for being himself and getting amazing support from the entire school. Korben intended to wear a dress, and Green subsequently told the BBC that he wanted to "go as himself, while expressing his feminine side—with a tuxedo on top and a dress at the bottom, highly influenced by (actor) Billy Porter."

In the initial tweet, Green's kid was shown as leading his best life and exemplifying what it looks like when someone is free to follow their heart. Even one of Korben's heroes, Michelle Visage from RuPaul's Drag Race, saw the pictures of him. "You are a fantastic, gorgeous mother, and your child is amazing," tweeted Visage in a quotation.

Korben performs in drag as Miss Frou Frou, which is also the name of his Twitter account. He expressed gratitude to everybody who had offered supportive messages. 'Oh my gosh...' He wrote on Twitter, "Thank you so much!! The amount of love..." Thank you to everyone who has helped me and the LGBTQIA+ community! You are transferring love!

A 16-year-old kid named Korben had always imagined attending prom in a dress. This year, he succeeded in doing so, and his professors and classmates were immensely pleased of him.

Photos of him donning his outfit that Nina Green tweeted went viral. Michelle Visage, one of Korben's heroes, admired his appearance and self-assurance.

The compliments meant the world to Korben.

Green added her thanks and emphasized that she is allowing her kid to live an honest life.

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