The Donkey Regards A High School Student As Its ‘Mother,’ And Hugs Her All Day!(5 photos)

A precious tiny one. A truly remarkable individual!

This high school student had no idea that one day she would take in a lone donkey as her own!

With her benevolence, Payton Dankworth altered the course of Jack's life. On a typical day, she got a call from a friend telling her that he had found a malnourished donkey whom his mother had abandoned.

He said the donkey was in bad shape and wouldn't make it through the night. Dankworth loves animals, hence she would never permit that infant to die!

Dankworth fed Jack the donkey food he hadn't eaten in a while and cuddled him the entire night.

She is taking care of a donkey for the first time, and a wonderful relationship forms between them. She has developed greater affections for Jack every day, and she has shown herself to be a wonderful mother. Just a few short weeks after being saved from certain death, Jack's enthusiasm for life has returned!

Jack has been fully assimilated into the Dankworth clan!

Thankfully, Dankworth's family eventually embraced Jack, who loves going on walks and traveling in the vehicle with his mother, despite their initial opposition to adopting a donkey. Like a puppy, he follows her everywhere!

Dankworth's experience saving a young donkey's life has motivated him to pursue a career in animal welfare.

They shared real compassion and lessons with one another.

This is simply cute beyond words! I'm grateful that you gave birth to this small donkey.
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