9-year-old boy afraid to ‘lose’ sister gives emotional wedding speech that made everyone cry(5 photos)

Millions of people were moved by a nine-year-old boy's brief but moving statement during his big sister's wedding in 2021.

Gus Bower couldn't help but cry at his sister Catie and Troy Hudson's wedding celebration.

The boy's homage to the newlyweds gained popularity after the wedding videographer posted a footage of Gus' moving speech online. The child can be seen in the video speaking to the newlyweds while standing on stage and carrying a microphone.

I'm overjoyed that you got hitched today. Gus added, "I realize I might seem melancholy up here, but these are tears of joy," as he started to cry.

"Catie, I love you so much and I'm delighted you gave me a brother-in-law," he continued.

After the speech, Catie gave her brother a close embrace. Troy started crying after hearing Gus' heartfelt comments.

He remarked, "Emotionally, it wasn't something we were prepared to hear.

I'm doing what I want to do, that's all it says. Catie recalled Gus' memorable experience.

Gus didn't intend to speak, but he was compelled to in the heat of the moment due to his raw emotions.

He claimed that a wedding ceremony simply had a certain quality.

It's quite similar to magic.

The majority of my concerns about them just sort of vanished, Gus added.

Despite having an almost 20-year age difference, the half-siblings Catie and Gus have a very tight bond.

Catie has posted numerous pictures of Gus on her Instagram account throughout the years.

On the occasion of her brother's third birthday in 2015, Catie called him the "sweetest, smartest, and cutest" child she had ever met.

Today is the third birthday of the nicest, smartest, and cutest child I know. "You are the best little brother ever," she said in the photo's description.

If this isn't the prettiest thing you have ever seen, you are lying, she wrote.

Catie and Troy had known each other for decades, having first connected when they were young, long before Gus even existed.

The two were friends for many years while attending the University of Denver before beginning to date in February 2014.

Troy popped the question to Catie in June 2019 after they entered into contract on their first house.

Gus was concerned when he found out about his sister's engagement, as any protective brother would be.

He expressed his worry that she wouldn't spend as much time with him as she formerly did in an interview with CBS News. "It was very difficult because I didn't want to lose her in that way."

Gus came to love Troy over time and realized that he was a good man. He also knew Catie would love having him as her husband.

His experience should serve as a warning to never let the term "extended family" take precedence over the term "family."

You deeply love them, and they deeply love you, he continued, so don't let that keep you apart.

Kids his age rarely exhibit Gus' level of emotional intelligence. It's amazing how well-spoken and sincere he was in expressing himself.

Keep plenty of Kleenex on hand as you watch Gus' touching monologue below.

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