Brothers Separated For Years In Foster Care Reunite In Surprise Joint Adoption(video)

The foster care system in the United States may be harsh, especially for siblings who end up being split apart.

For several years, two young boys were housed separately in foster homes. Only once a month did they get to see one another. After taking some much-needed time to recover from their ordeal, the siblings were anxious to live together once more. All of their hopes were finally realized in July 2018 when a guy made the decision to adopt them both at once. They were finally able to reunite as a family after spending so much time apart.

The boys' names are Tre and Ke'lynn, and they initially recounted their tragic tale on a broadcast in October 2017 when they were 10 and 7 years old, respectively. They had previously spent practically all of the three and a half years they had been in child protective custody in Texas living in different foster homes.

When they did eventually get to see each other, the boys sobbed uncontrollably. They eagerly anticipated the day they would be formally reunited. In November 2017, a physician by the name of Robert Beck stepped forward and vowed to do all in his power to fulfill the dream of these boys to be reunited.

Beck was moved to care for the children and provide them with the permanent home they deserved as soon as he saw the television and heard their heartbreaking story. Finally, in July 2018, Beck unexpectedly adopted both of his brothers at once, establishing Beck, Tre, and Ke'lynn as a family.

Tre and Ke'lynn were the subject of a program on Wednesday's Child Report on WFAA in October 2017. The segment detailed the boys' painful experience of overcoming their early childhood trauma while living in different foster homes. The brothers were the only ones they had, thus they only got to see each other once a month and yearned to be together all the time. Ke'lynn remarked, "I want to see him every day, but I don't."

A month later, Beck made the decision to act. He was adopted himself, and he had previously adopted a youngster from a previous Wednesday's youngster Report, according to WFAA. He stated, "I was crying mostly because it just touched my heart, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I've got to figure out a way to bring these boys into my home and learn more about them."

Tre and Ke'lynn have been residing with Beck ever since, although nothing was ever firmly established. The adoption procedure would need some time to complete. That moment had arrived in July 2018.

According to WFAA, neither of the brothers anticipated what would occur when they entered a courtroom in North Texas on July 18, 2018. They initially assumed they were just snapping photographs, but they soon learned they had been adopted, giving them the surprise of a lifetime. The fact that they were being adopted together added to the significance of the event.

The prospect of their shared future delighted both brothers.

A brother stated:

"I got adopted, and I feel good."

Tre answered with a smile when asked what will take place next:

I return home.

Says Dr. Beck

"It's just so special to be able to give them a forever home and to know that they will always be mine."

What the boys mean to Dr. Beck, he said when asked:

I adore them with all of my being.

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children (American SPCC), there are over 437,000 children and teenagers in foster care in the United States. In addition, it takes years for children to be adopted, and those who don't find a permanent home are moved about between families and group homes until they reach adulthood and leave the system. According to the American SPCC, there are now over 118,000 children in the country that are up for adoption, with many of them having to wait three to four years. The group also brought to light the fact that 52% more boys than girls, or 48%, are in foster care.

The emotional toll being separated from one's home has on children was highlighted by the American SPCC:

"This relocation presents children with a special set of emotional, social, and intellectual obstacles. They frequently deal with challenges related to their mental and physical health, sorrow, guilt, anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and low self-esteem.Without being adopted or reuniting with their family, 20,500 youngsters are released from foster care.

Tre and Ke'lynn may have ended up in this situation, but happily Dr. Beck intervened and saved their lives.
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