Tiny Birds That Look Like Flying Cotton Balls Live On Japanese Island

Tiny is king in the realm of adorable things. Best is Smol. For those of you who are rolling your eyes at that, "smol" isn't just a kid-friendly misspelling of a perfectly acceptable term. There is an emotional component to being genuinely smol, but tininess plays a significant role.

In essence, when something is smol, we all resemble the Abominable Snowman from those Looney Tunes cartoons. Tiny birds unquestionably belong within the category of the smol, and I just came across one that is especially deserving of praise. The name of this little cotton ball is a Long-Tailed Tit. With its striking coloring, tail that is larger than its body, and undulating flight, the long-tailed tit is instantly identifiable. Long-tailed tits are gregarious and loud dwellers, and they are most frequently observed in small, agitated groups of around 20 birds.

In Europe and Asia, long-tailed tits are fairly prevalent, and their tails are only really "long" in comparison to their little bodies. The maximum length of an adult is only approximately 13–15 cm (5–6 in), and that includes the tail, which can add up to half of that length. The particular species of long-tailed tits found in Hokkaido are in a class by themselves, despite the fact that their little size is usually endearing.

long-tailed tits attracting to your yard. Large seeds are difficult for the long-tailed tit's small beak to handle. But since they offer an immediate caloric boost, goods made from suet attract this species in droves. We'll also take tiny seeds, bread crumbs, cheese that has been carefully shredded, and bits of peanut. Long-tailed tits will huddle up at night to sleep in order to save energy. Individuals like a dense bush, such a hawthorn, and may curl up into a ball with their tails sticking out.

With six national parks, 17 quasi-national parks, and prefectural parks, Hokkaido is the second-largest island in Japan and is home to several protected wildlife habitats. As a result, it has gained notoriety for the variety of fauna it supports, including several species that are unique to the region. These little birds share Hokkaido with other creatures that have distinctive characteristics.

The long-tailed tits in Hokkaido have completely white faces, in contrast to the majority of them, which have brown or gray "eyebrows" and more brown in their feathers. They appear to be flying cotton balls due to their black wings and tails. The shima-enaga bird is the name given to them because they stand out sufficiently to merit it. It roughly corresponds to the "long-tailed island bird" literal translation.
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