Man spends $400 at vet to treat his limping dog only to realize that he was simply copying him

The family still laughs over Billy's false limp, despite the expensive vet bills Billy's act may have incurred.

People who own pets are aware that occasionally animals will act completely absurdly for you. This is demonstrated by the lovely London dog named Billy. Billy's owner, Russell Jones, need a plaster cast after suffering an accident. He explained that when he saw his dog limping, he initially assumed the worst. 

He brought the dog to the vet to have him examined and to have a few tests performed since he was concerned. The owner discovered that his dog was actually in excellent condition after spending close to $400 on X-rays and medical expenses. He was only emulating him! In January 2021, Jones shared a beautiful and hilarious video of his dog mimicking his actions while they were being walked together. Jones, whose leg was in a plaster cast, can be seen strolling along the street with his dog Billy in the brief footage. 

The lurcher is shown walking with one paw raised above the ground, mimicking his owner's limp. "I spent £300 on vet bills and X-rays, but there was no problem—just pity. Love him," Russell said in the description of the picture.

The family still laughs over Billy's false limp, despite the expensive vet bills Billy's act may have incurred. More than 42,000 people liked and shared the picture, and many viewers left comments on their opinions about dogs and their loyalty. 

According to Holly Marie Clarke, her dad shares a similar bond with their dog. "My staffy girl tugs on her lead out of excitement when my dad walks her, but when he does, she matches his tempo perfectly and observes him intently as we walk. Dogs are incredibly devoted," the girl said. 

"My dad walks with a limp because of ALS." Commenter Sammy Cassiopeia said, "My uncle had a severe, persistent cough, and his dog also began to sneeze constantly. The dog was taken to the vet, who claimed he was alright and was only imitating the owner. Lol"

This year in February, Billy had to pull out his dew claw. He was left with a limp following the treatment, and Russell shared a cute video with the comment, "As they say, the circle of life Bill xx His dew claw had to be removed."

Billy unfortunately passed away in March of this year after a battle with lung cancer. Russell updated his status on Facebook and included a statement expressing his affection for the dog. "Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that today my Billy ran over the. It was time for him to pass away since he had lung cancer. 

Because this is where our five minutes of fame started, I wanted to tell you about it here. Heartbroken, I love you Billy, and I'll never forget you." Given that Russell had achieved fame, many Facebook users expressed their sorrow at the news. "Sincere apologies for it. He was a little star and clearly had a close relationship with you "Someone wrote.

Russell claims that Billy's journey is still ongoing, nevertheless. Russell got a call in July of last year telling him Billy had won the PEOPLE's Pet Award. Russell updated the website and let everyone know that Billy's memory endures. "Just to let you all know, Bill and I are continuing on our road together. 

On Friday, I received a call informing me that he had won the PEOPLE's Pet Awards. Just wanted to say thanks for your support on this website and for this incredible experience. Bill has tragically passed on to the other side of the rainbow, but his legacy will live on."
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