These two insist they are twins and have the perfect response for anyone who disagrees

While Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland, two six-year-olds who are quite close, really believe they are twins, they are not best friends.

According to Jia's mother, Ashley Sarnicola, the girls had been great friends since since they first met when they were three years old at their Miami school.

They were closest friends when the public first learned about these extraordinary individuals when they were four years old, but as they've grown older, their friendship has grown deeper, and now they claim to be twins.

They will confirm that they are twins and will give you a long justification list, according to Ashley.

The girls claim that they share a birthday almost exactly. Jia mentions that they are the same height and that they insisted on wearing matching costumes, which further emphasizes their physical similarity.

The girls have shared birthday celebrations over the years for their June 3 and June 5 birthdays.

These two are adorably similar in their personalities.

They both "have the same lively energy, intellect, and heart to look after people," Ashley added. "They both [are] highly vocal about their demands."

We've always stressed to the girls that it's fine to be unique and to meet new acquaintances every day, she added. The 15 students in their class speak six different languages at school.

Jia informed her, according to her, that she preferred chocolate to vanilla and wished she had Zuri's skin tone.

The mothers of the girls, who are now close friends as well, expressed concern over society dictating how they should feel about one another.

The girls were at a birthday celebration when an older child informed them they couldn't be twins since they don't have the same skin color. Sadly, this has already happened.

Jia cried in response to the callous remark, yet she was still able to get out this devastating phrase.

You don't know what you're talking about, she said. Since we have the same soul, we are twins.

Victoria Williams, Zuri's 23-year-old sister, was so moved by her reaction that she posted the interaction on Twitter and rallied support for it. It served as the ideal reminder of what matters most in life.

Valencia, Zuri's mother, says she hopes nothing ever separates the two.

Valencia said CBS News, "We have a lot to learn and we can learn from children.
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