Patrick Swayze’s Wife Speaks Out On Last Moments Of Late Actor’s Life

The famous Patrick Swayze passed away more than 12 years ago, which is hard to imagine. Swayze, a celebrity long before "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," will live on in our memories forever. Swayze unfortunately passed away on September 14, 2009, from pancreatic cancer. Lisa Niemi, his devoted wife of 34 years, was by his side the entire time.

In 2012, Niemi published a book titled "Worth Fighting For." The Daily Mail cited Niemi's account of Swayze's final comments as she described them in her report. "Patrick's final words to me were, "I love you," and they were also mine. Immediately after I brought him home, things moved quickly, "Niemi penned.

Niemi awoke on a Monday to the sound of him breathing in little breaths. She claimed that the scene had a somewhat infantile quality to it. She was aware that he needed to go. That same day, he snuck out.

Ten years after the actor's unexpected death, a documentary with Niemi's participation called "I Am Patrick Swayze" was broadcast. She discussed her time with Buddy, the moniker she gave to her late spouse, in the documentary. She described how she entered the stage decades ago and saw his gaze. It was genuine affection from the beginning.

The pair wed in 1975 after meeting while they were youngsters. The couple remained together up until Swayze's passing in 2009. Niemi discussed how difficult it was to see her spouse battle illness in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"You have to battle for that person's life every day, which is the worst thing you can experience. I am aware that he fought for himself every day. Given the diagnosis, it was a miracle that he lived for 22 months."

The documentary focused on more than just his accomplishments; it also closely examined his battles with alcoholism. He would be jovial and upbeat up until he was alone himself, according to Niemi. Then he would crash, straining and complicating their relationship. Niemi still loved him despite the numerous difficulties they had throughout their marriage.

While he was battling pancreatic cancer, Swayze took up a position working on the series "The Beast," claims Niemi. She said that Swayze changed for the part. He had been spending most of his time in bed, but being in Chicago gave him a wonderful jolt of energy.

"I was stunned by his huge surge of energy. He was constantly moving, just like his old assertive self. I obtained Patrick. He even occasionally displayed "star" behavior, which always made me nuts, such as making ridiculous demands at the last minute and suddenly becoming the undisputed expert on just about everything in the world "Niemi penned a memoir.

She said that Swayze never wanted his work to be made simpler simply because he had been given a cancer diagnosis. He insisted on performing the feat himself rather to having the paid stuntman jump over a wall when his character was meant to. Niemi maintains that despite his diagnosis, Swayze felt stronger and happier while working on the show's set.

Swayze passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009, little under two years after the original diagnosis. The movie "I Am Patrick Swayze" was released on August 18, 2019, which also happened to be the late actor's birthday. Fans of the attractive celebrity were still curious to find out everything they could about him even ten years afterwards.
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